14 years ago today

I still can picture the swerve of Aloisi’s shot from my seat in the cove.

And the phantom goal the week before at parra.


If there was no net that ball would’ve hit me in the face, superb viewing from the old girl’s home end.


The footage of him from behind as he runs, runs and then just hits it is one of the best from the a-league.

Such a good day out


I remember being very sick despite making the trip to the game, and damn near collapsing when Kisel scored. The noise from that goal was incredible. Then obviously lost my shit again when Aloisi scored down the home end.

Booing Muscat and Thompson every time they appeared on the big screens were also highlights.

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Went with my cousin who had just started dating a Serbian girl who had been brought as a child to the Belgrade derby’s by her older brothers. He knew she was the one when she no only gave him a pass to go to this match but would have been very upset if he didn’t go. True love.