2 years ago today

The game was in progress, and Rhyan Grant had scored his equaliser about now, causing an absolute pandemonium at the Sydney Football Stadium.


The penalties in full from where I was standing:

Happy 2 year anniversary folks!


My seats were obstructed view so I couldn’t see the score. Thought Ninkovic had to score to stay in it. Had half a second of confusion why we were celebrating scoring to stay alive

Glad I wasn’t the only one :joy:

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Just before Ninko kicked it I tuned to my mate and was saying, “hold on, is this is, if he scores, do we win?”.

Arnie said that he did the same thing. Even he wasn’t sure in that moment.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet seen it, there is a piece called “The Record Breakers” on Foxtel/Kayo. Really cool way to relive that season. The clip of Arnie saying that is in it.

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Compulsory viewing.

I love this photo.
It doesn’t just capture the celebration, it also captures all of the emotion. You can almost hear Wilko’s scream. Bumping hard every time I look at it.
The best part though is Matty Simon emerging from the crowd and jumping the fence. It looks like he has photoshopped himself into the image.

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Grant scoring…the greatest ever SFC moment? Has to be


When combined with the Forza chant straight afterwards, yes.
Ali’s goal on return from injury, Byun’s penalty, Aloisi’s goal on Valentine’s Day and Vitja’s send-off all come close but the SFC was positively rocking from that moment. The only other comparable moment in terms of atmosphere I have experienced was after Troisi scored the Asian Cup winner and it took twice as many people to do it.

I was already celebrating when I saw him trotting up from halfway to take the decisive one, never been more confident in my life, he was never missing.

Appropriate (and sploosh worthy) he’s wearing the armband tonight.

I’m with you mate. Grant’s goal and the Forza Sydney FC that followed, and then Ninko’s pen has to be the best moment of all time for me. Followed closely by the Asian Cup win.

One of the most emotional moments I’ve had watching football. I almost cried when he scored. Everything had just built to that moment and it was such a release of nervous energy.


I (and looking back at the footage it seems like just about everyone else) had thought the ball had gone in from Carney’s shot and was celebrating already, wonder if that sudden raise in the noise put just a half second pause into the defence allowing Grant to break away and tap it in.

Also amazing watching the shootout back, as Carney steps up, how impossibly nervous I was, and how good it is to realise that from Carney’s kick to the end, Sydney don’t miss another and Melbourne don’t score another.

Actually, looking back on those photos, surely this has to be the greatest SFC moment ever. In his last game for us…



The volume of this was incredible


I’ve watched that video literally hundreds of times.

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Easily the greatest atmosphere of any sporting event I’ve experienced, the way the stadium erupted when Grants & Ninko scored was incredible.


Thread delivers (the feels)


This thread is the perfect way to start my morning. Getting nervous now.