2018-19 SFCU Player of the Season (Rd 26 now open)


ALF might be hard to beat this season.


Really? I didn’t think he was our best player last night.


For me best player was probably O’Neill.


O’Neill played really well and he had that goal line clearance


Voting is open for the FFA Cup Final:


(& still time to vote for the Rd 2 Derby if you haven’t already)


Just bumping this in the hope of more votes – only 12 so far



It might be worth going back to one thread per game?


Hmm I’ll see how we go for the next few weeks; Cup games & losses typically have had lower turnouts and I feel like the new forum design keeps this just as visible as a new thread anyway. People might want to “watch” or “track” this thread if they really don’t want to miss things.


Voting is now open for the Rd 3 win over Melbourne City:


(Derby voting will still be open for about the next 24 hours, so you can vote for 3 matches at the above link)


Too many good performances, not enough votes


That was tough. Reckon it’s the first time I haven’t done a straight 3-2-1 ever.

Got in and voted before I changed my mind a dozen times.

Great dilemma to have though!


Probably the first time a guy has scored a brace for us and I didn’t give any points.


Super tough one this.

3 - Grant
2- Retre
1 - Zullo


Results for last week’s derby win: Adam Le Fondre got his third MOTM in just his fourth appearance for Sydney FC, but it was a close one. Five different players were considered MOTM (received at least 3 votes) by at least one voter and Le Fondre ended up just 3 votes ahead of second place.

Thanks to everyone who voted - we ended up with 45, which is the most we’ve had since the early rounds of last season. But hopefully we can keep this up.

Voting is still open for the Cup Final (until Tuesday night) and the Rd 3 win over City (until Friday night), at the usual place:



Results for the Cup Final: Captain Alex Brosque showed he hasn’t lost it, playing the full 90 minutes after the short turn-around and picking up his 11th SFCU MOTM. It was another close one with the top 3 separated by just 10 votes.

Thanks again to everyone who voted, and don’t forget you can still get them in for the Rd 3 match…



Rd 4 vs Jets open now



Results for Rd 3 vs Melbourne City: Our first joint MOTM for the season! You thought our right side did the job against City, with voters unable to split Paulo Retre and Rhyan Grant, who each earned 57 voters from the 41 voters. If that doesn’t seem like a huge share, it’s because the third-place getter was only 4 votes behind! It is Grant’s 12th MOTM of his Sydney FC career, and Retre’s first with the club. They will score 2.5 points each towards the player of the season award.

Thanks to all who voted; don’t forget voting for the Jets game is open at the usual place:



Great to see solid numbers voting in this by the way.

I imagine there were lots of players in that 30-40 votes range this time around


Result for round 4 away to Newcastle: Captain Alex Brosque did it again, picking up his second MOTM in three matches, having scored the opener. It was another close one, with just 2 votes separating him from second place.

Thanks as always to everyone who voted; the next one will obviously be open after the Melbourne game this weekend.


Open now for Round 5 vs MV: