2018-19 SFCU Player of the Season (Rd 26 now open)


Another post begging for votes for the Melbourne City match - we have just 7 so far. It counts towards player of the season the same as every other match, so it’s important to get a wide variety of views. You don’t have to rewatch it, I promise!


For anyone who was on the edge of their seat to learn the MOTM for our past two losses, apologies for the delay!

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted. They were unsurprisingly lower than usual, but I was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t seem to lose too many with the re-vote for the City game.

Anyway, it was Andrew Redmayne who took clear MOTM for the away loss to Kawasaki for his role in keeping the deficit to just 1 goal. It was his 5th MOTM for the season, equal with Adam Le Fondre on that tally.

For the City game, votes were quite evenly spread. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th received 13, 12, 11 and 11 respectively. But there was just one player who averaged over 1 vote from each submission: Alex Wilkinson got his first MOTM for the season, amazingly just the third in his 95-game SFC career.


Voting for Rd 23 vs Brisbane is open


Round 24 vs Melbourne


Results are in for last Friday’s win over Brisbane: This was an interesting one, because although 18 of the 20 voters thought Siem de Jong worthy of votes, the 13 who voted for Milos Ninkovic gave him more of their collective shares, and in the end both foreigners ended on 28 votes and joint men of the match! Both pick up 2.5 points for their player of the season tallies.

It is De Jong’s first MOTM of his SFC career, and he is the ninth player to win it from the bench. It is Ninko’s fifth for the season, putting him now equal with Andrew Redmayne and Adam Le Fondre on the top of that list.

Reminder to vote for your MOTM for Saturday’s scenes:


Voting vs SIPG (and MV is still open till Saturday)


Voting for the derby is open, with still time for the ACL game as well


Recent winners: Brandon O’Neill was the clear MOTM in the last-minute win over Victory, while Adam Le Fondre came out ahead in a close-run race for the Shanghai ACL match.

In terms of MOTMs, that puts ALF in the lead with 6 for the season (though this was his first since January), followed by Redmayne and Ninko with 5 each, and O’Neill and Grant with 4. The Player of the Season prize of course includes points for 2nd and 3rd, so it’s looking like it’ll be close.

Not many votes so far for the derby, it’s open until Saturday but it’d be good to get a few more before tonight’s match.


Voting for Rd 26 vs Perth: