2018-19 SFCU Player of the Season


That was a rough match to watch, but gave my 3 to Retre. Comfortably our best player on the pitch.


Just a quick bump for anyone who might’ve missed it



Voting is open for Round 6 vs CCM



Tough one that. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved the three points so had to spread them around.


After a couple of close ones, we had a clear winner in the Round 5 loss to Melbourne, with Paulo Retre picking up nearly double the number of votes as his nearest competitor. It’s his second MOTM win for the season (and his SFC career), having shared the spoils with Rhyan Grant in Round 3.

Reminder to vote for the Mariners game if you haven’t already:



Voting is open for the Wellington game at the usual place. CCM should still be open til about midnight too



Results for last week’s match: Brandon O’Neill won MOTM by a landslide in the away win over Central Coast: he picked up 60 votes, whilst the 2nd- and 3rd-placegetters got only 16 and 14 respectively. It’s just the 3rd MOTM of O’Neill’s Sydney FC career.

Thanks to all who voted, and a quick reminder for yesterday’s match vs Wellington:



Surely no one deserves the points against the Nux


@Rowdy I logged in 4 times in a row to vote: the poll never appeared, only the link to login.
I wasn’t going to bother after the dire showing the other day, now I’ve lost the will to go on…


Hmm. And I was thinking it was just the performance that was causing the low turnout.

I just tried it and had the same experience (i.e. it asked me to login after I already had). But when I refreshed the page, the poll showed up.

Anyone else had this problem?


Working now!


Bumping this in the hope of more votes. We currently have 13, which is equal to our lowest ever number :frowning_face:.

Vote here… refresh the page if you’re logged in but the poll doesn’t appear.



There seemed to be an issue with this caching plugin which has now been removed. Should be like before again.


I gave my votes to Ivanovic, de Jong, and Retre. Only players who weren’t shite.


Voting for Rd 8 vs WSW is open



Not surprisingly, it seems the loss to Wellington was one of those games where people struggled to allocate votes, so they ended up being pretty widely spread. In particular, the bench players picked up far more votes than usual.

But in the end it was Rhyan Grant who took home the 3 points, his second for the season and 13th of his SFC career.

Thanks to all who voted. Now let us never speak of it again.


Gave my three to O’Neill for the derby, thought it was up there as one of his best ever.


Bumping for more derby votes



Can we vote for Vedran?


Rd 9 vs Perth: