2018-19 SFCU Player of the Season


Round 8 result: Brandon O’Neill won his 2nd MOTM in 3 matches in the derby. His 37 votes was clearly the best, but it was a very close race behind him, with the next best tallies being 19, 18, 17, 16 and 14.

Thanks to all who voted. Don’t forget Friday night’s match



Round 10 vs Brisbane:



Round 9 result: Milos Ninković has finally ended the longest non-MOTM streak of his Sydney FC career, winning his first since Round 24 last season, 20 appearances ago. It is his 24th with the club — the most of any player — and he sits 6th in terms of ‘strike rate’:

0.32 - Mierzejewski (11 MOTMs / 34 appearances)
0.25 - Culina (2/8)
0.24 - Janko (6/25)
0.23 - Le Fondre (3/13)
0.23 - Del Piero (11/48)
0.21 - Ninković (24/113)
0.21 - Vukovic (7/33)
0.21 - Bobô (15/71)

In terms of the minor placings vs Perth, there was a clear 2nd-place, but it was close behind that, with two players sharing the point for 3rd.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote over the holiday period; don’t forget the Brisbane game if you haven’t done it already:



Rd 11 vs CCM (& Brisbane is still open for about another 24h):



Jeez I wonder who will win this…


Brosque will De Jong will be unlucky


After starting his Sydney FC career with 3 MOTMs in his first four appearances, it had been a bit quiet for Adam Le Fondre until the Rd 10 win over Brisbane. His match-winning double ensured he was the clear winner with an average of 2.3 votes from each voter. There was also a clear second place but a race for scraps in third, with the winner getting just 13 votes altogether.

Only counting MOTMs, Le Fondre’s 4th for the season opens up a gap to the five(!) others with two MOTMs each (some shared), but this obviously doesn’t tell the full story with points for 2nd and 3rd still hidden.

As always, thanks to all voters. Voting for the win over CCM is still open here:



Voting for the midweek loss away to Perth is open now:

You can still vote for the Mariners win at the same link until Friday night as well


Voting is open for the Adelaide win (& still open for Perth)

CCM voting has closed but I haven’t checked it yet; will do soon


No prizes for predicting the Rd 11 winner - Captain Alex Brosque took a comprehensive MOTM win on the back of his first SFC hat-trick. Although one voter apparently didn’t think he deserved any votes, the other 27 gave him 84 between them, and he ended up with an average of exactly 3 votes per voter. That’s the highest average all season.

It was close for the remaining points, with 2nd, 3rd and 4th getting 20, 19 and 18 votes respectively.

Thanks to all who voted; reminder that both Perth and Adelaide games are still open ATM


A good number of voters in the last two games.

As always, I feel the need to intimitently thank you for running this. So thank you.


Results for the midweek loss to Perth: A solid win for goalscorer Adam Le Fondre, picking up an average of 2.35 votes, easily more than double 2nd place’s tally. An average of 1.71 votes went to the substitutes in this match, which is the 11th highest in SFCU MOTM history (the most was 3.93, in an away draw vs Melbourne Heart, when Shannon Cole came on at half-time to score a brace).

Voting for the Adelaide game will still be open until Sunday night at the usual place


Round 14 vs Newcastle:


Rd 13 result: Unsurprisingly, goalscorer Jacob Tratt was voted MOTM for the win over Adelaide on his starting debut for Sydney FC. There was a clear top 3 in this match, taking an average of 4.73 of each voter’s six points. The remainder were spread quite widely, with every other player apart from Paulo Retre (who only played 10 minutes) picking up votes.

As always, thanks to those who’ve voted. Get yours in for the Newy game if you haven’t already:


Round 15 vs Welly open now:


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I think it’s missing players again for the Melbourne game


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First of all, apologies for the stuff-ups with missing players lately. Thanks to everyone who’s voted during this flurry of matches.

Results for the Rd 14 win over Newcastle are in: Brandon O’Neill took a clear MOTM victory after his nice assist for Boogaard’s goal. It’s his 3rd for the season, which puts him equal with Alex Brosque and behind only Adam Le Fondre (with 5) this season.

I was surprised to see that it was only O’Neill’s 5th MOTM for his SFC career - in contrast, Ninko has 24 in exactly the same number of appearances (119), and even Matt Jurman has 7 despite playing the first 28 of his 118 appearances before we started this voting.

As usual, reminder to vote for the Melbourne loss if you haven’t already; the Welly game will stay open until Wednesday evening as well: