2018-19 SFCU Player of the Season


Round 17 vs City is up now:

I should be able to get the last couple of winners up early this week


Latest results:

Penalty-saving hero Andrew Redmayne took MOTM for the away win over Welly, with 30 votes more than the next highest tally. This was his third MOTM for the season, after not winning one all of last season.

The Australia Day loss to Melbourne saw goalscorer Miloš Ninković take his second MOTM for the season. He was the clear winner with 50 votes, but it was close between 2nd (23 votes) and 3rd (20 votes), with just scraps after that.

And of course the usual reminder to vote for the City game, which will stay open until Sunday:


Round 18 vs Brisbane:

(Rd 17 vs City still open til Sunday evening too)


Result for the Round 17 win over Melbourne City: Andrew Redmayne saved a penalty and earned his fourth MOTM of the season. This puts him equal with Vedran’s effort in 2012-13, behind only Vedran in 2013-14 (10) and 2014-15 (5), and Vukovic in 2016-17 (7) for most MOTMs by a keeper in a season.

The City game had the highest number of votes in a while (32)… so far we only have 9 submitted for the Brisbane loss :frowning_face: There have been far worse performances with more votes than that, so please think hard and put in your votes if you haven’t yet!




Thanks to all who voted for the Brisbane loss, it was obviously a tough one. New boy Reza Ghoochannejhad picked up points from all 14 voters to take MOTM on debut. He’s the 6th player to do so, after ADP, Janjetovic, Ognenovski, De Silva and Le Fondre.

It was just scraps behind that, with 2nd place getting votes from just 5 voters and a three-way tie for 3rd that sees 1/3 of a point each for the player of the season tally.

We’re just short of the same voter tally this week, it’d be good to get some more:


Rd 20 vs Wellington voting:


Result for Rd 19 vs CCM: Miloš Ninković took his third MOTM for the season in convincing fashion, picking up more than twice the number of votes as 2nd-place. He’s still well short of the 6 MOTMs he picked up in both 2015-16 and 2017-18.

As always, thanks to those who voted and the usual reminder to vote for the weekend’s match if you haven’t yet:


Vs Adelaide


No idea if it’s a bug or not, but there’s two matches open at the moment, and when I tried to submit my Adelaide scores nothing happened, so I went and filled in the Welly ones and hit submit and it worked, then I went back and tried to do the Adelaide ones, and it said I’d already voted.


Hm yeh sounds like a bug. Your Adelaide votes are saved in the system, there just must’ve been some issue with the submission notification

(If this happens to anyone else, let me know)


Result for the Campbelltown game vs Phoenix: It was a close one, with just 3 votes separating 1st from 2nd, and it was Rhyan Grant who took MOTM, his third of the season and the 14th of his SFC career. It was close for the final point as well, with two players tied on 16 votes (so they get 0.5 each for the player of the season tally), and one on 15.

Thanks to all who voted, a slight upturn on previous weeks! Don’t forget to vote for the Adelaide game as well, and that we’ll also be voting for Wednesday’s ACL game.


ACL matchday 1 vs Ulsan Hyundai is up, and still time for the Adelaide game


We need way more than 6 points to allocate so that I can give one to Ivanovic for every step over.


Results for last week’s Friday night win over Adelaide: it was a close one, with 3 different players picking up the majority of people’s votes. Milos Ninkovic got the most though, taking his fourth MOTM of the season.

For those playing along at home, the top MOTM tallies so far are:
5 - Le Fondre
4 - Redmayne & Ninkovic
3 - Brosque, O’Neill & Grant

Player of the season of course also includes points for 2nd and 3rd each week, but I think you can tell it’s pretty close at the top.

We’ve got pretty low numbers for the first ACL match, so please submit your votes if you haven’t!


Voting for ACL MD2 vs Kawasaki is up now:

It is already closed for last week’s game vs Ulsan; I’ll try to get that result out tomorrow.


Result for ACL matchday 1 vs Ulsan: Rhyan Grant was the clear MOTM here, averaging over two votes from each voter. It’s his second MOTM in the past three matches, and his 4th of the season.

Not a lot of votes so far for Kawasaki away, please submit yours if you haven’t already. Thanks to those who have!


Rd 22 vs City


We lost the votes for R22 due to a wordpress issue. Please vote for R22 v City. https://www.sfcu.com.au/2019/03/20/player-of-the-season-2018-19/


Thanks for getting it back up James.

Bump for anyone who voted previously to resubmit your votes please!