2019 Cove/SFCU Fundraiser Raffle Tickets NOW ON SALE

To be drawn on June 8th at 9:00pm at the Bat and Ball Hotel

Prizewinners will be notified by email Prizes this year include…
Signed A-League Squad Shirt
Signed W-League Squad Shirt
Mark Rudan Signed Sydney FC Shirt (dedicated to The Cove)
Signed David Squires Cartoon
Southside Chilli Sauce Pack
Merchandise Pack
Bottle of Whiskey
Blu-Ray Pack (Comedy)

and many more to come.

Money raised will be used to pay hosting for SFCU, whatever is left over will go to the Fans Fund, which is quite depleted after our efforts this year. So please buy tickets to support SFCU and to support our amazing Tifo crew, unquestionably the best in the country.

Are the tickets in the Cove shop?

It may just be me but I can’t see them.


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And purchased.


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How are the fundraising numbers going @jubal1? Is there at least enough to cover server costs so far?

Not yet, but there’s plenty of time, generally we do about 50% in pre-sales and 50% on the night and have always raised more than enough.

I’m also working on a very special Redders-oriented prize, more news as it evolves

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Special guest appearance by the wiggles?

Today’s update

We’ve confirmed that Danny Townsend will be bringing the A-league trophy to the event, so if you haven’t had a chance to get your photo taken with it, come on down.

David Squires has kindly agreed to donate a cartoon strip (the actual original Drawing) signed by his good self.

We have an additional signed shirt, this time Redders Grand Final blood shirt signed by the squad.


Tickets for online sales will be sent out via email during Saturday. Online Sales will be halted at 3pm Saturday to ensure I have time to send them out.

Have bought tickets etc. Not sure I can make it on the night yet. Sure it will be a blast. Thanks to Jubal and all who do so much work to make this site the pleasure it is to be part of. The web is sky blue!

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This art will be making an appearance in some form

As a tattoo I assume.

The person the artist has captured will be present?

Looking forward to this - will be first one I’ve been able to make for like 10 or 11 years.


Last online ticket sales will be at 2pm tomorrow. After that, you’ll have to be there to get tickets so far we’ve raised about half of what the site needs annually.

If you want this, you’ll need to buy raffle tickets

Whoops, almost missed the deadline…
Done…I hope.

'tis done.

they’ll be on sale at the Bat & Ball from 6 till 8:30pm

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