2021/2022 SFCU Fantasy A-League Competition

Looks like we haven’t had a league set yet up this year. Thanks for @Clovis and @Mental for running the previous years.

Like last year the league is run through the Sports Deck Group option.

You can join here:


If that does not work then go here


and either Login (if you are an existing user) or Join (if you are a new user).

Once you have logged in it will take you to a “Lobby”. At the top left-hand corner is a Menu hamburger, click on the hamburger and in the next screen select “Groups”.


Then select Create/Join Another Group, and at the join Option enter the following six digit code **715888 ** and click Join Group.

Honour Roll

2014/15 Neckbeard - (Rieper)

2015/16 New York Citney FC - (Belldiouf)

2016/17 Clovis United - (Clovis)

2017/18 Homiesters –

2018/19 Underachievers - (Eddie)

2019/20 Ezimbizi - (Sponsor)

2020/2021 - (Hybrid)

Rules of the SFCU League

Rules this year will be simple and classic.

No players from the dark blue side of Melbourne. No warnings just instant disqualification. Public shaming of offenders is encourged.

While selecting North Western Suburbs or Heart players shows a lack of moral fortitude, I won’t ban you but you will have to live with your own questionable life choices.


Many thanks for setting it up Sponsor. Brighton & Cove Albion Street will return to defend the title.

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May I suggest that Terry Antonis be made player non grata?
No La Rocca, Berisha or Janjetovic has left the list rather bare.

I don’t think there is a need. Surely no self respecting SFC fan on here would want to see that name every time they log in.

The original rule stemmed from the old Fox Fantasy League where you had a max of 3 players from any one club so there was the temptation to select from the forbidden team to be competitive. I think this is worth keeping.


Interesting that Goodwin is the most expensive player over Maclaren.

Not really sure if that is justified.

@Sky_Blue_Stories Here’s the fantasy football you were asking for.


Have completely thrown together a team however… very anti-fantasy from the APL in not officially releasing match day/team squds weekly anymore. Massive Boo

Tried to be cute and made some subs last week to capitalise on upcoming value changes (seeing as they only take effect after round 3).

Subbed in Rose, Farrell and Hooper who all went up a bit (the latter for ALF who predictably dropped, nearly went for Yuel instead but couldn’t back a player about to go against us :thinking:).

All utterly pointless as I’ve been rinsed on Maclaren and Davila. :joy:

Between my selections for Maclaren, O’Neill and Sturridge - the best I can hope for is mid table obscurity.

I went for an all SFC line up.

Looked genius at 2-0, less so at 2-2.

Papi Caceres is now the league leader in individual points scored, and the second most expensive player behind only Goodwin. As one of his biggest fanboi’s genuinely ashamed (and suitably punished) for not having him in my side.

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Same here. Thought he was overpriced last round (only round I’ve really made changes) and didn’t put him in. For shame.

I have had him in for weeks and could bank a good profit but who else would you put in.

Once again the conservative sandwich/SFC heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor.


We’ve got a title race!
2 points is all that separates my Underachievers and @Hybrid 's Cove Albion Street heading into the last round.

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Carrying on from the ALM thread, no doubt this is the real title race all will be focussed on. :wink:

Best of luck Eddie. Once again I’m fresh out of subs so gonna have to formulate a competent XI out of what I’ve got.

I’m in the same boat. I used my final sub last week when Penha got suspended for a couple of games.

Bit disappointed you haven’t gone on a Kevin Keegan-eqsue rant.

Congrats Eddie on regaining the title.

I was content to let it ride on Penha & Mikeltadze getting it done in the F3 derby, looks like Nkololo sealed the deal for you instead. :clap:

Thanks mate.
I bought N’Kololo in the other week with my final transfer when Penha got suspended, turned out to be a matserstroke.
What a shit final round though, I only ended up with 8 scoring players which cost me the win in my league.