2021 finals series

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I think City might choke and we will host it anyway.

The seething from the entire league would be priceless though.



Its a lose lose situation. Sydney and city have lost key players. If we open ourselves to a loss to ccm, and if city dont make the final or lose to us, people will claim the socceroos call-ups tainted the chances of the best team winning.
I know it is a special circumstance but it isnt nice to think a series is tainted because covid removed the final from the potentially rightful host, and they lost players to the socceroos at the pointy end to the season

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Parra will be available due to the bye weekend for origin too

Seems like they’re just forgetting about the Jets/city game which is a shame

We really do have some special fans:



Meth is a hell of a drug

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In his defence, as a Mariners fan finals football is a rare event

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Haven’t looked at the stats but I would say we have been in more finals series than any team other than Sydney, Victory and Brisbane.

I’m gonna get along and watch your lot on Saturday night. They’ll get a good crowd in for it so should be fun!

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Saturday nights 7pm are always good fun. Lots of drunk idiots doing random stuff without the violent edge. Think guy on crutches who stormed the field a couple of years ago.

Try Bay Rd Brewery around the corner. Outstanding beers.

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Sydney and Brisbane have both made 12 of 16.

Melbourne and Adelaide have made 11 of 16.

Mariners and Heart have both made 8 (the latter from only 11 seasons).

Perth 7. Welly 6 (from 14). Newcastle 5. Wests 4 (from 9). And Western and Macarthur both once now.

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For all their bleating of being a big club, by fans and pundits, West’s have made less than half the finals seasons that have competed for and never won a trophy :joy::joy::joy:

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It does fit their little, working class battler idea though.

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Melbourne’s slide away from being in the elite continues. Surprising how good City/Heart’s record is, the best percentage of making the cut out of anyone. However, their entire existence has pretty much been in the time of a final 6, which has often seen more than 50% of the comp’s teams qualifying.

Welly makes the finals 43% of the time, Wests 44%.
Wests do have a good record of then going on to the big day (3/4 times when they made the finals), but have a perfect record of capitulation in the decider.

Playing on Thursday.

Getting nervous for CCM, which is not something I’ve felt for another club before.

You can’t cast with the free trial kayo?

Can you download the app straight onto your TV?