2021 SFCU Fantasy A-League Competition

Thanks for @Clovis for expertly running this last year. I have copied his hard work to set up a competition for this year. I can’t promise weekly updates or anything that fancy but I have created a group and welcome all to join it! See below for some more info, shamelessly pilfered from last year’s thread.

Link to join SFCU fantasy league: Sportsdeck.com | Dream Team - A-League | Fantasy A-League Football 2020-21

If that does not work then go here


and either Login (if you are an existing user) or Join (if you are a new user).

Once you have logged in it will take you to a “Lobby”. At the top left-hand corner is a Menu hamburger, click on the hamburger and in the next screen select “Groups”.


Then select Create/Join Another Group, and at the join Option enter the following six digit code 909967 and click Join Group.

Honour Roll

2014/15 Neckbeard - (Rieper)

2015/16 New York Citney FC - (Belldiouf)

2016/17 Clovis United - (Clovis)

2017/18 Homiesters –

2018/19 Underachievers - (Eddie)

2019/20 Ezimbizi - (Sponsor)

Rules of the SFCU League

The following are rules specific to the SFCU League. As per last year there will be a Yellow Card and Red Card system

  • No MVFC players. If you have selected a MVFC player you will be issued a yellow card and will have one round to remove that player (MVFC player as captain = straight red card).
  • Minimum of three Sydney FC players. Selecting fewer than three Sydney FC players is a yellow card, however this rule will not be enforced in a round with no Sydney FC games.
  • Only one yellow card per team per round
  • Two yellow cards = red card and an early exit from the fantasy league


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Nieuwenhof is at the lowest price, what a bargain.

Signed up about 10 mins before kick-off yesterday, blatantly stealing himmelblau’s joke team name of Brighton & Cove Albion Street.

It’s gonna be super hard again with the fixture chaos and when they choose to cut off particular rounds.

Only two goals scored so far so if anyone wants to enter a team before tomorrow night (which I think you can still do) there’s a fair chance you’ll end up picking the round’s top scorers.

Bit weird that they have Benat as not playing yet he scored the goal tonight.

Agreed, and he’s in my team so I hope he gets his stats and gets credited with the goal. I can only assume it’s a mix-up with his name and the feed from the stats provider

They credited the goal to McGilligan’s chops.

46 Adelaide Utd points on my bench, replaced by 10 Macarthur points. Ouch!

This week is going to be brutal, only 4 teams in action and I’ve got just one player atm.

Davila and Hemed in then, but which one to make captain. :thinking:

Perth and WSW play twice next round. Good to remember if transferring. Tate Russell looks a bargain

Alas I took that Muller bloke instead

Seems I misspoke. Perth plays once (for the first time), Jets and Wanderers play twice. MVFC and Wellington have a bye.

Yep, something changed. Originally Perth were going to play twice this round and three times (!) the round after that.

Just joined, although rather belatedly…

So, it looks as if there are five games in the next round, Perth and MVFC play twice, and WSW, Macarthur, City and Brisbane have byes.

Pick a Perth-heavy team and you’ll be fine

Had a long term account, couldnt log in and had issues making a new account, finally able to recreate an account and log in to say I own the Ufuk’s ball love team.

Also, this season is a huge :peach: :baguette_bread: with all the byes. I think it literally is impossible to have 11 starters every week so far in the competition, the name of the game is juggling expected fixtures loads 3 weeks in advance, but even then they will change within a fortnight or sooner of the rounds. The brisbane v victory matchup cost a lot of people points I imagine.

Agree with Mental suggesting the load up on perth players, particularly their attackers, but they have some nice cheap options in defence and midfield that could fetch a nice turn around in your squad cap costs. Currently over this bye period I’m loading up on cheap options hoping to turn them into 1 or 2 extra big name players by seasons end. Will see how the strategy pays off I guess when the time comes to it

I tried this at the start but players have to play in three rounds before their value changes, and it was too hard hanging on to players for that long with all the byes! Sold Danzaki, Derbyshire and someone else (can’t remember) who all went on to score the following week.