2023-24 SFCU Player of the Season (vs CCM open now)

Has there been a shared win before?

Of a MOTM? That’s the first time this season, but it’s not super rare (happened once last season too). Unsurprisingly, it becomes more likely as the votes get lower, so we often get ties for 2nd and 3rd places as well — there was once a three-way tie for 3rd when only 14 people voted.

For the season? I have lots of tiebreakers to avoid it, but Caceres & Burgess had the same total two years ago, with Cass taking the prize as he had more MOTMs.

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vs Macarthur

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Six points for Uffy!

All players deserve 6 points each.

Outside of the 20mins after the red card where we were a little flat they were all immense.

Result for the final-round thrashing of Perth: Joe Lolley got back in the winner’s circle with a shared MOTM against Macarthur, and won it again by the barest of margins against Perth. He was first on 31 points, with second place on 30 points and third on 29.

That is Joe’s 10th MOTM for the season, and his 17th with the club all up. He still has the chance to take more points for the win over Macarthur despite his season being over. Vote here:


Vs Mariners, version 1


Result for the elimination final win over Macarthur: Joe Lolley got his third MOTM in a row. His first in this mini-streak was shared with Hayden Matthews, his second was won by a single vote and this time he was two votes ahead of second place. It is his 11th MOTM for the season and sadly his last, having tied Ninkovic (2016-17) and Mierzejewski (2017-18) for the highest tally in a season.

Can he hold on to become the first to go back-to-back in the Player of the Season trophy? There are up to three matches for other players to catch up… starting with last Saturday’s semi-final first leg. Get your votes in: