2023-24 SFCU Player of the Season (vs WSW open now)

Result for the Rd 10 win over Wellington: Joe Lolley was at it again; taking an average of just under 2 votes per voter for his seventh MOTM of the season. That is five more than anyone else so far, and equals his tally from 2022–23 when he won the Player of the Season. Will he be the first player to go back-to-back?

Votes so far for the Brissy win are pretty low… would be good to get (many many) more in:


Missed the last two games (both times out on the cans with a mate who lives in Japan and hasn’t been home to visit since pre-Covid) and haven’t gotten to replays yet… aiming to get through the Brisbane game in coming days though. :crossed_fingers:

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Vs Adelaide

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If the voting page isn’t appearing properly for you, please DM me your votes

Been refreshing the vote page periodically today, and just noticed that it’s now working (for me at least).

Thanks to whoever did whatever to fix it.

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Just a quick bump on this before tomorrow’s match. At the moment, we’re looking at all-time low voting numbers for last weekend’s match.

The issue seems to be resolved, but if it’s still not working for you, you can DM your votes instead. Anyone who has already sent vote via DM doesn’t need to enter them in the system as well.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry about the breakdown of voting, normally It’d be fixed in moments but I was in the Philippines drunk off my ass for a week so it took a while for me to read the message and get Chile to fix it.


vs Newcastle


Recent results:

First of all, thanks everyone who voted recently. Despite the log-in problems, we got 23 votes in for each of the last 3 rounds, which is a tiny bump up after the Christmas period.

The 3 points for the win away to Brisbane went to Fabio Gomes, after his first-half brace. It’s his first MOTM with Sydney, and he is the 8th different winner this season.

Normal service resumed in the loss to Adelaide: Joe Lolley picked up his 8th MOTM for 2023-24 in just his 17th appearance. That’s six more than anyone else and puts him in a good position to become the first player to go back-to-back as Player of the Season.

Don’t forget voting is still open for the big win over Newcastle; it’ll close on Friday night:

vs Melbourne


Result for the big win over Newcastle: Max Burgess was voted MOTM, picking up votes from 23/24 voters. It’s his first for the season and the 12th in his 76 Sydney FC appearances. He is the ninth different winner this season.

Still time to vote for the draw with Melbourne:

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vs Western Utd

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The Australia Day draw vs Melbourne was one for the defenders: the top 3 players took an average of 4.68 of each voter’s six votes. Coming out on top was goalscorer Jordan Courtney-Perkins, who picked up votes from 30/31 voters (the other gave everything to Pat Wood!). It’s obviously his first one with Sydney FC, and JCP is the 10th different player to win MOTM this season.

Don’t forget to get your votes in for the draw with Western:

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random question, but are we seeing a large vote spread and MOTM choices in the previous years then we did during the Arnold golden years?

I haven’t thought hard enough about how this is affected by sample size, but the “concentration” of votes has stayed pretty constant since Arnold. It looks like it was a bit higher under Lavicka (so votes were less spread out across the team), although the MOTM voting only started in his final season.

I calculated concentration as the variance of vote share between players, where the theoretical minimum would be every player sharing the votes equally & the maximum is where one player gets every vote. Subs were counted as one player just so it wasn’t affected by the change from 3 to 5 subs & the fact that subs with fewer minutes naturally attract fewer votes.

Seems like there were usually more different MOTMs over a season under Corica than Arnie. It looks very high this season, but I’d expect that will come down unless we somehow keep finding new winners who haven’t got one yet.


That’s really cool. Thanks! Was just wondering if, during years the team performs worse, if there was any change in spread vs years we performed well.

vs CCM

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Well, we did it. Jake Girdwood-Reich was voted MOTM for the draw in Hobart vs Western Utd. It’s his first MOTM with the club, and he is the 11th different winner this season. The votes were pretty widely spread: only 3 votes separated second from fourth place.

Reminder to get your votes in for Central Coast awaaaaayy

vs Adelaide open now… couple of hours until CCM closes

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Result for Rd 16 #GossyGoodTimes: Anthony Caceres was rewarded for his goal + two assists with the MOTM, his third for the season. The 2021-22 SFCU Player of the Season is one of only three players with multiple MOTMs in 2023-24 so far, the others being Joe Lolley and Fabio Gomes.

Thanks everyone for voting. Rd 17 vs Adelaide is still open: