2023-24 SFCU Player of the Season (vs WSW open now)

Vs Melbourne City


Giving Rhyno points for 2 matches in a row

Result for the win over Adelaide: it was a close one at the top, with just 15 votes separating first from fourth place. Jake Girdwood-Reich was voted MOTM, his second in three consecutive matches. No votes went to any of the subs, which I originally thought was interesting, but it turns out it’s happened in 56 matches (16%) where Sydney made 3 or more subs.

Thanks to all voters. Don’t forget to get your votes in for the City draw:


vs WSW

*Bump* for anyone who missed it last night

Another goal for JCP, another MOTM performance in the draw against Melbourne City. He picked up more than double the number of votes as second place, but it was close behind him with just 1 vote separating third from fourth.

Not a heap of votes for the derby, despite the result. Spread the love here:

vs Brisbane

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Result for the derby win in Parramatta: weirdly we only got 28 voters for this one, lower than the previous match, which is surprising given the result. And they spread their votes thinly, with the MOTM winner Anthony Caceres taking it out with just 29 votes. It was close behind him, as just 9 votes separated him from 5th place, including a tie for the final Player of the Season point. It’s Caceres’s 4th MOTM for the season, and he has the second-most behind Joe Lolley’s 8.

As ever, thanks everyone for voting. Still time to vote for the weekend’s draw vs Brissy:


Vs Wellington

*bump*ing this in the hope of more votes for Welly away

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Result for the draw with Brisbane: Jordan Courtney-Perkins continued his incredible run of form, taking his 3rd MOTM from the last 7 matches. There are only two players with more MOTMs than him: Joe Lolley (8) and Anthony Caceres (4). Full points to anyone who predicted that at the start of the season.

Welly votes are still low - get involved if you haven’t already :pray:

Result for the away loss to Wellington: Andrew Redmayne finally got his second MOTM of the season, his first having come in the very first game, vs CCM in the Cup. It is his 19th with the club.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Keep an eye out for voting to open on Saturday night after the CCM game.


No usual results to share this evening, obviously with no game last weekend.

So I’ll take this chance to *bump* the thread in the hope of more votes for Saturday’s game. I was at least 9 hours into a bucks party when the game finished, so I’m surprised I managed to post it at all, even if it was a bit later than usual… I think it took me a few goes to get the team list right.

Open until Saturday night, but get involved before the game against Perth makes you forget this one:


vs Perth

vs Newcastle

Last week’s result:

For the win over CCM, Hayden Matthews got his first MOTM for the club. He’s the 12th different winner this season.

Voting for the midweek draw with Perth is still open for another day, and the Newcastle game will be open until Sunday. Don’t forget to get your votes in :point_down:


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Probably deserves all 6 this week for that clearance.


Result for last week’s midweek draw with Perth: Luke Brattan got his 2nd MOTM for the season and his 11th with Sydney FC. He’s the seventh player to take multiple MOTMs this season.

Voting for Newcastle away is still open, and obviously derby voting will open tonight

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