A helping hand for Eddie

I’ve been told, and it’s not yet confirmed, that our fellow forumite and fellow fan, Eddie, was a victim of the Lismore flood and has lost pretty much everything bar his car.

I hope this is incorrect, but if it’s not I want to make sure he gets whatever support we can provide. Starting with the Patreon funds for this month, I want to donate those, with the donors permission to whatever fund ends up being set up for him. (if you’d rather not, DM me and I’ll refund you)

Southy, who a lot of you know, is working on finding out what he needs and how best to help him.

I may come back and ask you, and every other SFC fan, for donations or help.



Hope you’re okay eddie.

Si si

Good one. Cheers, Eddie.

That’s a yes from me.

Ah fuck you poor bastard Eddie.

Happy to kick in cash or if theres anything else I can help with happy to contribute.

Not on patreon but I’ve been meaning to send something by paypal for the site generally. Will sort that out this week also.

Sorry to hear this. More than happy for my Patreon bucks to go this way.

Ditto. Happy to help.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

Apparently he’s staying with a mate, so he has a roof over his head. Once we know how best to help, I’ll let you know.

Eddie, if you manage to get on here mate, let us know how we can best help.


Fine by me too :+1:

Thanks Jubal, Really appreciate the help.

Eddie, has particularly nothing left, he’s lost of his belongings and only been able to recover a few prized possessions, including most of his navy medals bar one.

He still doesn’t know if he has a job, waiting to see if the pub he works at will reopen.

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Just let us know how to help him mate.


Bloody hell, that’s awful.
Happy to pitch in too

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Definitely in support. I have 3 friends, all with young children who are in the same situation in Lismore. Literally left with nothing at all. It’s horrible. I don’t know Eddie personally, but my sympathies are with you.

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February 2022 in the 1/1000 year flood in Lismore, our friend, Cove Member, Sydney FC fan, Ex Serviceman was called to evacuate his home at 2am in the morning. Eddie, with limited time grabbed a bag of clothes, his laptop and drove to higher grounds.

Mathew Edmonds (Eddie), has been part of the Sydney FC community since season one, played for Loco Cove and was bar manager at The Coves home pub the Bat and Ball and even though he has moved away, he still attends games each season and maintains his membership in The Cove.

At the present time he has temporary roof over his head though longer-term accommodation will be an issue.

Eddie is a modest man and wouldn’t make a fuss about the situation he is facing. Place yourself in his shoes and consider the only items he has left, could you imagine the daunting task of starting over again?

We are hoping to raise enough so that he can buy the essentials once he finds a new place to live, like bed and linen, computer desk ect.

To donate please contribute to The Cove

BSB 062-223

ACC 11253279

Reference: Eddie

This months SFCU Patreon funds have already been donated.


Southy created and wrote this, I’m just the messenger, please RT and spread the word. SFCU is donating this months patreon donations to help Eddie, if you can spare anything it would be deeply appreciated.

Happy to help. Thanks Jubal.


Cheers Jubal/Southy. Transferred.


Done. Thanks to all and best to Eddie.


Contribution made so bumping for others.

Thoughts to Eddie and all others affected.