A-League 19/20 Fixtures

Fixtures supposedly out this coming week. Rumoured we’re playing City, Wanderers vs Mariners, Wellington Phoenix vs Mariners.

Also rumoured no Australia Day fixture due to ACL fixtures for Melbourne.

When does Australia lose the extra spot in the champions league?

I don’t need rumours to know that those games will happen in 19/20…

They want Wanderers to get off to a start don’t they !

I believe it is next ACL campaign so 20/21

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Football Federation Australia were meant to announce the 2019/20 A-League draw today, however two of the eleven clubs are said to have not been happy with them. The release is rumoured to have been pushed back to next week or the week after





The joys of not just having a random allotment of fixtures.

Ah, the A-League and unhappiness. A couple that have stood together through the years.

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Apparently victory and jets unhappy with too many away games to start off. But one of those away games for Melbourne was in Geelong

Jets away (even if mariners) after having the bye first is a bit dumb.

You’d think Melb united would be home first round too.

It will be interesting watching us play the derby while the NRL has a tournament being played in the same stadium at the same time…

The above is probably why there has been a delay in releasing the draws.

Unlike FFA to fuck up a stadium booking…

I guess you have to give them one last chance to fuck things up completely. I mean they’re also busy trying to figure out other ways to screw Australian Football over before the leave the a-league.

Just had it confirmed that leaked draw was fake

2 weeks late FFA. Come on, some of us book our holidays around this.

Have had it recommended to advise people to be cautious booking away travel between February & April until after the acl draw in November, games may need to be moved.