A-League Expansion


They just finished a press conference with the Macarthur group - they mentioned communuty forum to determine name and colours and indicated making an announcement in a few weeks. Also expect to announce a head coach shortly too so they can commence recruitment.

Alot of talk about Jedinak coming in as captain, but as has been mentioned, the year delay may put a stop on that.

Sounds like coach and bulk of squad will come from local area. They really pushed that part in the presser.

Going to keep FSN on to see if the new Melbourne team will hold a press conference too.


No, but I bet names soonish. Badges and kits etc probably timed to get buzz for a membership drive.


It will be smack in the middle of a bunch of new suburbs, what else will there be out there to do on a weekend.

I think Melbourne City should look to where Team 11 wanted to build their stadium in the South East finally move out of the Rectangular Stadium.


Yeah they went for long term with both bids in major growth areas.

Also just happy in many ways expansion got announced. Was worried theyd put it off further. All bids had flaws and whatever two were picked wed be complaining about. Least Southern didnt get in!


Not doubting it’s in a growing area with families, but also generally middle class.
You can’t charge super high entry or membership fees.

Construction costs are high in this country and stadiums not cheap to run. Reason why most stadiums are multi-tenant and the NRL suburban grounds in a level of disrepair.

A loss making stadium and massive debt levels could easily sink a club


Bizarrely this FFA decision seems totally justified by the facts of the situation.

Hopefully Canberra have been told they’re first in line for Wellington’s spot. Bring in South and Wollongong in a few years, then try for North Queensland and Tasmania a few years after that.


Yeah it’s a classic FFA did something let’s complain.


If they create a precinct around the stadium with restaurants/cafes and shops then it can serve as an income stream all year round. From what I heard, the local government are keen to donate the land as they think a stadium will be good for the community. Not saying that they’re going to break even anytime soon, but I’d say it will be more than just a stadium.


Theres the counter argument that the owners are just southern expansion in melbourne looking for cheap property


The tears on the WSW forum are so delicious. They are saying the FFA chose to cannibalise WSW’s support and protect our turf with this decision.

I look forward to many supporters jumping ship to SWS. I remember when WSW was announced there was a poster on here who said he was turncoating because he was from Minto and was ‘as Westie as they come’. Him and naughtyknickers to be members number 1 and 2.


Going to be some great back to the future with them complaining all SWS are turncoat traitors who were probably ESFC supporters to begin with.

Most exacted for Wanderers fans getting really annoyed when SWS talk about invigorating an ignored area of Sydney.

But also if theyre the greatest club with the truest supporters surely theres nothing to worry about?


i don’t know about you guys, but i’m waiting till the FFA bring forward the Ryde Rangers idea, then i’ll finally have a club that truly represents me.


I haven’t seen a lot of it as I haven’t been on their forum, but I’m surprised if WSW fans seem upset at the decision. Where was this before? SFC and fans were stridently vocal in our opposition to SE, but I cannot ever recall seeing anything regarding potential impact on Wests, either directly or indirectly.
I think I even posted asking about this on this forum a few months back and the consensus seemed to be it wasn’t a problem for them.


I wonder if Boris will join SWS?


If the SWS tifo kitty funds a longer trip to Europe, then no doubt.


FFS how many times is he going to have that tattoo redone :rofl:


He might be able to get two tattoos removed from the price of one.


I was actually quite impressed with the way Nikou handled himself in that conference.


Are you a football fan if you arent constantly negative about FFA? (but yeah I thought he said some very good things)


SWS doesn’t feel like a rivalry to me, feels more like Central Coast or Newcastle.
If/when Canberra are admitted I see them becoming SWS biggest rivalry.
The WSW rivalry with SWS will be like Brisbane’s rivalry with us.
The FFA has got this spot on. Here’s hoping they continue in this vein and in 12 months announce Canberra for 2021/22.
On the women’s league, why does it have to run in conjunction with the men’s comp?