A-League Expansion


Funnily - Parramatta Stadium to Moore Park is 38kms - so you could say that the Wanderers are closer to the East then they are to Macarthur. Just because both areas are west of the Sydney CBD it does not mean they are close to each other.


Southern Expansion Twitter account is now deleted.


I wouldn’t bother trying to get the West. Trust me, I grew up there.


Here is Google Map showing the three stadiums. SW Sydney is further away from WSW than WSW is from us.


Crazy how wanderers fans are complaining about this. It’s a completely different area, pretty much as far as central coast is to us


No, it’s not


Ok maybe I over exaggerated. But it’s still a fair way from parramatta


You could fit at least another two growth corridor teams between Campbelltown and Parramatta…


I’m relieved expansion is announced, looking forward to a bigger comp and Scott Brown’s first two footed lunge on Antonis


With the Asian Cup fast approaching, an injury to Antonis is imminent.


Even for Scott Brown that would be a terribly timed challenge. He’s 8 months early for fucks sake.


It runs at the same time as the European leagues - hence why Kerr is on marquee $$, as she had big offers from over there.
It’s also why we get a lot more foreigners from the US than from Europe.


It looks like Canberra have a pretty clear path to joining the league sooner rather than later. The very clearly unstated thing from the FFA here is the Nux license:
Canberra has 'clear path' to join A-League in 2020


In fact it looks like Canberra were told what they have to do to join. I’d say that makes it pretty damn likely.


I’ll be pretty sad for the Nux but it’s been coming. Would be excited for the Canberra bid


Having 8000 foundation members is already a big step in the right direction.


Great news about Canberra, but I really don’t understand the desire to boot Wellington - they’re financially stable, have improved significantly on the park and have a dedicated (if small) supporter base.

Their crowds are certainly a concern, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to be matching clubs in Sydney or Melbourne on that front, and if they sort out their stadium situation (there’s discussion of them moving permanently to the Hutt Rec Ground, which holds 10k) I really don’t see why crowds around 6-7k are such an issue.

If we want the league to grow, we need as many stable professional clubs as possible - and the reality is there is not an unlimited supply of potential successful expansion clubs.

Wellington and Canberra are both viable - porque no los dos?


De acuerdo.

There were a few years there where Wellington was our bogey team, didn t matter how low they were on the table they would upset us. Emptyish cake tin is always a bad look( they need Gaba type seats!) With Rudan they are looking good.


I’m with you on this. Apart from the awkwardness in that they aren’t part of the AFC, I like their inclusion in the A League when the league is looking to expand, it does that make sense to boot them out. A move to a smaller stadium like the Hutt rec that they played a few rounds at a few years back would make sense. The cake tin is way too big.


Looking at Hutt Rec on Google Earth, looks pretty basic. I think they used temporary seating there in the past which is likely unsustainable in the longer term due to cost.
I really hope a way to keep Welly in the league can be found