A-League Expansion


So apparently Rudan is going to walk on Wellington and take over at Western Melbourne?


So I think that proves it was never going to be anyone but another Sydney and Melbourne team.

If I was one of the bids not from Sydney and Melbourne I might be asking what my legal options were considering they were never really in the running.


Time to base it out of Picton!

What a clusterfuck.


At this rate the FFA is going to have more registered lawyers on it’s books than registered players.
Similar to CFG’s approach to young footballing talent, the FFA should sign all the promising legal students to long term contracts, loan them out to legal aid for a few years to gain experience, then bring them back to fight whatever litigation suit they are facing at the time.


And immediately sack all the useless cunts that don’t make them at least $30m.


That sounds similar to Gallop’s own career path, don’t forget his first foray into sports was as the in-house legal counsel for the Super League debacle which ripped apart and nearly killed rugby league.

At least he’s consistent in trying to destroy entire sports through his legal expertise.


Once a parasite,ALWAYS a parasite!


Sage is still pushing for Asian expansion wanting teams in Kuala Lumpur, Manilla and Singapore


Because it’s cheaper and quicker to get to Asia from Perth than the east coast.

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Maybe he should fuck his club off to the Indonesian league then


If only there were some competition where Australian teams can play Asian teams in competitive game. :thinking:

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I hope there isn’t, you’d never hear the end of it if an Australian team was to win it.

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What’s “You fat bastard, you’re shit Aaaaaah” in Tagalog?