A-League Finals - are we still doing this?

All finals to be held at Bankwest.

Regardless of who gets there it will be someone other than Wanderers raising some silverware.


Can we start trying now lads?


“In addition, we will also be re-introducing the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) during all matches of the Hyundai A-League 2020 Finals Series.

We’re back in with a chance! The lizard people come through again!

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We score the 8:10pm kick off for the double header semi on the Wednesday night. Makes it easier to get to after work and get a few drinks in beforehand.

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Everything about this finals series seems horrible


There are only 2 previous champions in the final 6, with the other 4 previous champions finishing in the bottom 5. So there is a pretty decent chance that by the end of the season, 7 of the 11 teams in the comp will have held the toilet seat aloft, and a 100% chance that Wests won’t be one of them.


Plus points
We’re still in it
MV aren’t
Wests aren’t

Minus points
We’re stinking the place out
No future


Are tickets going to be available?

For the elimination finals and GF yes.

This season feels like it will never end.

So its:
Phoenix vs Perth
Brisbane vs Western United.

Ill tip Phoenix and WU which would give semis of

City vs Pheonix
Sydney FC vs WU.

Ill go a pessimist tips of City and WU with City winning the final.

Geez we would struggle to beat either Brisbane or WU at the moment

Could also play Perth if they beat the Phoenix.

We should at least compete. They will only have 3 days rest after a big match.

The shit thing will be the fact that all 3 teams will just sit back and try and get us on the counter. Hopefully Corica has this sorted

I don’t see it happening but imagine the scenes if we win the toilet seat at bankwest. The WSW tears would be amazing.


Hopefully via a 90th minute VAR penalty!


Reasonable summary

Let’s call the whole thing off.

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We all know the finals mean nothing unless you win them… much like the premiers plate