A-League Men - 12-16 March

No game tonight but I’ll slot the other games in here late.

So we dozens of mid week week matches but none on a Friday night. Perfect

Maybe they kept it clear for the girls Semi?

I doubt they can plan that well.


Isn’t it just because we were originally going to be the Friday game and got rescheduled?

I don’t know why we got rescheduled though?

To give Perth a game at home, and us away from the rain

it’s been raining?

To dodge the NRL?

No games on a Friday night but four on a Saturday where all four games overlap with another one of those four games.

No one is watching anyway.

We’re this close to just calling the rest of the season draws and playing the finals over a weekend, so we can wrap this bitch up!


Wouldn’t be surprised if some people saw the FFA Cup final the other week and assumed that was the grand final. They had a trophy and everything

I love a good whinge too, but every game today features a team who played midweek and could probably use the extra days recovery as a higher priority than getting one game that hardly anyone would be watching on Paramount last night.

We played Tuesday and have traveled to Perth, everyone else played Wednesday, you can’t expect them to back up and go again 48 hours later.

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment Shabby. I would easily put myself in the top five percent of engaged Australian football supporters over the past forty years, for the both the NSL/A-League and Socceroos.

I spent over twenty years seeing a Newcastle team that I supported never make the playoffs. I am a foundation Mariners member, foundation active supporter and spent fifteen years giving thousands of my personal dollars broadcasting on radio so the Mariners could be heard to those who can’t make matches.

I have been across the country and some places in the world supporting the Socceroos. I was there when we drew with Scotland, I was there seeing the pain of Argentina (though that was a good day with a draw), cried at the MCG when we blew the unloseable lead and sat in despair at the stadium when we were towelled by Germany in Durban.

Despite forty years of supporting through too many years of administrative ineptness, shit politics in the NSL, bumbling administrators in the A-League and general incompetence of the various incarnations of our governing body; I have never been as disillusioned with the game as I have been now. I have never been less engaged. Last Wednesday night I left the Mariners game at half time to go to football training. I would have never done this in the past.

At least with the old NSL we knew it was shit and a tin pot league. We had no expectations of anything more and embraced that as long as I knew I could get a cevapi roll at Sydney United or be that close to a keeper at Breakers Stadium he could feel my warm breath while I berated him (you remember that night Kalac).

The main reason for my disillusionment is that the game was sitting on a huge bucket of capital through independence and they have squandered it on shitty apps and shitty consultants delivering shitty advice and shitty marketing. They have failed on all basic marketing principles (product, pricing, promotion, distribution) that even the rusted ons are walking from the game.

Apologies, I didn’t intend to type this much but the words kept coming.


If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!

You talking about that round of investment that was part of the Paramount deal?

Yeah, so, if you listen to the recent interview with Townsend, on SEN, he kinda admitted they’d basically spent that money before they got it.

Also the money they got through private investors.

Alright we get it, it was outside the box.


You are not Robinson Crusoe Mick. I am asking myself why I bother.

I do not care what games are on tonight and wonder if I will watch them.

I find myself looking forward to when the local district comp starts up and I can walk to the ground to watch the local premiere league side play at 3 pm on a Saturday, have a sausage sanger, help pack up the ground afterwards and have a beer with the boys and walk home for dinner.

When foundation fans like you and I feel like this, I really worry for the league.

It really has the feel of the dying days of the NSL to me.



Ageeed Keepup seems like the biggest waste of money I’ve seen in years. What a pile of bollocks it is.

I’m still keeping an open mind with the new regime and broadcasting partners though. Covid has fucked the season good and proper, let’s see how they go with a level playing field