A-League Men - 15-20 April

I’ve been a bit lax on getting these up, but I’m back from holiday so should be good now.

Friday 7:45pm - Macarthur vs Brisbane
Saturday 5:05pm - Western vs Perth
Saturday 7:45pm - Jets vs Melbourne
Sunday 1:05pm - Nux vs CCM
Tuesday 5:05pm - Western vs Macarthur
Wednesday 7:05pm - WSW vs Jets

Any ideas why we have a 5pm game on a Tuesday?

Have to get all the games in on time somehow, bound to be a few that needed to be rescheduled months ago that need to just be crammed in wherever possible.

The game is being played in Tasmania? Maybe they want to get everyone on a flight home that night rather than wait until the next day.

Hmm that might be it, hadn’t take that into account.

When did Daniel Garb join Paramount?

Teo is sick, so I assume he’s filling in at short notice.

Daniel Garb - ankle 1 week

Got to give it to Aloisi, hes doing a great job at Western this season

When did Newcastle get Modus as a sponsor?

Apparently 1000 tickets sold in the Fever zone alone.

They’ve opened a bar (maybe 2) as well as a brewery up there in the past 12-18 months.

Their beers have gone to shit though. The Former Tenant is a poor imitation of the original as is the Sonic Prayer.
It’s a shame, they were my favourite Sydney brewery.

Don’t know about any bars, but I’ve been to the brewery in Merewether. Yeah, I haven’t been blown away by any of their beers lately. But, still a better sponsor than a casino.

Welly game at 1pm tomorrow, should be a cracker

Penha seems to be quite good at football

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The Brazilian Ninkovic.

How did that not go in?!

Ah “same old Aussies always cheating” chant, we have missed you

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Red for Miller.
Ball comes over the ball, studs up, takes out Rowles, yellow.
Why do I get pissed off?

Football is always better in front of a crowd

Yeah how good is it seeing the A-League in front of a packed crowd?

So glad to see Welly in front of their fans, just sad that it’s against the Mariners and they’re getting turned over.