A-League Men - 18-27 March

Jets vs Nux - Friday 7:45pm
CCM vs Macarthur - Saturday 5:05pm
City vs Melbourne - Saturday 7:45pm
Perth vs Brisbane - Saturday 10:45pm
WSW vs Adelaide - Sunday 7:05pm
Melbourne vs Western - Wednesday 7:05pm
Roar vs City - Wednesday 7:35pm

Newcastle are flashy but without any substance.

Phoenix keeper just saved a shot by sitting on it. Beautiful.

So sad to see how much Jurman has declined in recent seasons. Looks like he is only there for the paycheque. When Elsey looks so much better, is it time to give it away?

He does a good job of looking angry.

Wellington doing some solid non-defence

He’s been fucking shit since he left Moore Park.

I love how young the Newcastle terrace are, I hope they stick with them.


100%, any club growing their active is good for the league. Their numbers have seemed a lot more consistent this year which is great to see

Thought the same about their very young active group. So pleased to see. Jets need a few more home wins to build it up and bring back the fans. It must be great to watch Penha play. He is such a wonderful no.10.

Feel for Uffy. They could have pinched it and in the end got spanked.

Nice ball from Farrell to set up Cummings, who teed it up nicely for Urena. 1-0 Mariners.

Milicic hooked three players on the half-hour mark. Wow.

Fake anti-vaxxers are level. Pathetic defending from Mariners from a set piece. Again.

This colour commentator is terrible

Central Coast are absolutely battering the fake anti-vaxxers. Macarthur are absolutely as bad as the commentators today. This should be 5 or 6 to the Mariners.

LOL what an absolute shambles of a goal. That sums up Macarthur’s game to a tee.

If CCM move to mudgee can I switch?

Lack of Retre is tempting

inb4 CCM switch to Mudgee, hilly switches …

… and THEN CCM sign Retre.


Huge save from Birrighitti.

Two great saves from Birighitti. How Redmayne was picked over him for this Socceroos squad is a mystery, really.


Mudgee is so damn pretty