A-League Men 2nd April-?

Just a heads up that this weekends round starts early today at 2.05pm with the new Victorian plastic team based who knows where, playing against CCM somewhere in Victoria.
More games to follow.

KeepUp still delivering. An hour into the first game it doesn’t display the team sheets, then just continually crashes.


Tbh I’ve given up on Keepup. Such a shame and monumental waste of money. I just use FotMob now


Have had this game on in the background, great game. CCM dropping 2 points gives us a slightly higher chance of making finals.

Cummings is pretty classic, post match interview is great. “I don’t know where this place is” describing Ballarat.

No one really does given it is Ballarat


Good match but would have been better in front of a live audience in civilisation

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That same match with an 8k crowd behind it becomes an A-League classic that you feel excited to have watched. The quality and excitement is there, just need to somehow get fans back. Watch our derby tonight become a 0-0 snorefest.

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How the fuck is Maclaren playing? Subbed the cunt out of my fantasy team and between two NT games and allegedly getting married he hasn’t missed a game for CFG. :rofl:

What the hell happened to Wellington? 1-0 down at halftime, now 6-0 down with ten minutes still to play?

CFG were 4 up with an xg of just above 1 a little while ago

Just an old fashioned collapse, City have been clinical as well. A good result for us unfortunately, Wellington are one of the teams we might catch if they go on a poor run from here.

Why are Wellington still not playing in Wellington?

Who knows, I think they are still gunning for covid zero with 15,000 cases a day.

And Jacinda Ardern still escapes any form of criticism…

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Borders reopen 13th April

Nice strike from Luke

Brisbane should finish 2-0 winners. A good result for us, and also Wests go down to 11th place.

Louis Fenton auditioning for the NPL tonight.

Good for us but Welly looking rank and in danger of a real slide down the table.