A-League Men's - 21-26 January

Friday 7:45pm - Wellington vs Western
Sunday 4:05pm - CCM vs City
Sunday 6:45pm - Brisbane vs Adelaide
Wednesday 5:05pm - Macarthur vs Perth


Who knows…probably Macarthur

What an absolute paddock.

Nicely worked goal though

This is what Hooper was brought in to do

That’s a real quality finish from Hooper. Made Young look like a muppet.

Mariners with five players out from Covid - Nisbet, Hall, Miller, Muller and Kuol.

City are at full strength.

Jamieson is also not playing but everyone is a winner with that news

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Is there a more magnificent sight in Australian football than four inflatable sauce bottles resplendent before a palm fringed tidal bay?


Not for Bruce Djite. He believes that depicts everything that is wrong about Australian football.

Quality strike from Urena. Mariners didn’t look that likely until then.

We really miss the energy of Nisbet, Miller and Steele. Happy to be 1-1 at the break.

But if a benevolent billionaire offered a no strings attached upgrade to a 20,000 seat fully enclosed, climate controlled modern stadium with cup holders in every seat, you wouldn’t say no would you?

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Haha, those palm trees are heritage listed

Marvin will be cashing in his Bitcoin any day now.

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If the Mariners need a keeper for the remainder of the season, why don’t we loan them Howard-Belle?

It looked like a handball to me.

Probably a handball but not clear and obvious for me so let it stand. They have been so much more relaxed this season with VAR overturning goals, I’m a fan of it.

Apparently Mariners had a chance to clear after the handball so it was not a handball.

New handball law so that is not a handball. It deflected off another part of his body first before hitting the hand.

Understand that rule but it was not what the commentary team said was the word from VAR.