A-league Men's - 29 Jan to 3 Feb

Western vs City - 7:45pm - 29 January
Roar vs WSW - 7:45pm - 29 January
Jets vs Adelaide - 6:45pm - 30 January
Macarthur vs Western - 7:45pm - 1 February
WSW vs Perth - 7:45pm - 2 February
Jets vs Roar - 7:45pm - 4 February

Honestly I was going to try to pick winners but I have no sense of anyone’s form. So I’m going 6 draws.

10 points for PP

Everyone has pretty much had the 'rona by now, haven’t they?
The only game in danger of being postponed would be the Perth/WSW one depending on how quickly the Perth players have recovered.

There’s also an earlier game tomorrow, Evil Incarnate hosting the Nix at the arse end of humanity (Geelong) in the other FFA Cup semi final.

Per and CR out!

Interesting to see Channel 10s advertising for the Roar v WSW game is supposed to be a battle between Bill’s Cousin and Rodwell…

Am I right in saying that tonight Ten will be broadcasting different games in different media markets?

It’s so weird seeing City Terrace on the left of screen.

Good old Bill’s Cousin!

Wanderers are lucky to only be 1-0 down.

I’m watching the derby but noticed on the FotMob app that WSW have a zero xG. Sounds right.

I’ve been flicking back and forth with the Barty party but everything I’ve seen from WS has been the same old dogshit. Mind numbingly slow to move the ball, no press, second to every loose ball and lost every tackle. :beers:

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Mileusenic should have at least three by now

Both keepers in the Melbourne game seem to be having a blinder

3-0 Brisbane lol.

WSW will step up against us and get a jammy win or at least a draw. Sad fuckers.

No minis or replays up yet so I gave up and watched the highlights. APL / 10 / P+ doing a great job of turning dedicated fans into casuals.

IF,the Jets win or draw then WSW go bottom.Surely with that happening CR get a one way ticket/golden handshake ,out of the A league.

Any other coach in the A league would do better with that squad.

CR sure can transform a club in 8 weeks.

Who’s responsible for the production of the content, the APL or 10/P+?