A-league Round 1 Discussion

Saturday - Victory vs City
Sunday - Wellington vs Newcastle
Sunday - Brisbane vs CCM
Sunday - Perth vs WSW

Guessing round 1 of this league is a fool’s game, but I’m a fool so:
MV 2 - 0 City
Nux 1 - 2 Newcastle
Brisbane 1 - 1 CM
Perth 2 - 0 WSW

Ill go

City 1-3 Victory
Nux 0-2 Jets
Roar 1-1 Mariners
Glory 2-1 Wanderers

City by 1
Jets by 3
Roaring lions get Bolted.

Glory by 4, with the Westys maintaining their form,or lack of!

Victory 2-1 City
Nux 1-3 Jets
Roar 2-0 Mariners
Glory 2-0 Wanderers

Victory 1-2 City
Nux 0-3 Jets
Roar 1-3 Mariners
Glory 1-0 Wanderers

Victory 1-1 City
On paper, City have a great defence and Victory have a great attack but both will need time to gel.

Nux 1-2 Jets
Not expecting a great contest but I think the Jets have the class to take the three points home.

Roar 2-2 Mariners
Mariners should look much better going forward this season but I’m still far from convinced by their defence. I think it could cost them a win here.

Glory 2-1 Wanderers
I haven’t seen much of the Glory in pre-season but there is a lot of hype. I see them getting off to a winning start against a Wanderers team that is clearly short of some quality needed to fight at the pointy end of the league this season. An individual error might give Riera a goal but I don’t see them scoring too many other ways.

Both teams missing players, but there is a noticeable lack of heart in that city team.

I’ve always liked Honda but have always hated the Tards…hmm conflicted

Bozzas hair will make you an offer you can’t refuse

The Melbourne Derby: everything that’s wrong with modern football vs everything that’s wrong with humanity.


It’s ridiculous the whole preseason has been Bolt Bolt Bolt when we should be marketing Honda everywhere.

I hate the pre-game ‘face off’ in derbys. Cheesy as.

I thought they got rid of that? So cringy.

I didn’t know the Victory could play against themselves.

EDIT: My quoting skills on the new forum are not quite up to scratch yet!

A quality attack started a finished by Honda. Victory lead 1-0. That is the kind of passage of play that we missed last night.

Good to see Corey Brown has already adopted the Tard mentality of trying to end careers.

VAR is still incompetent shit.

From the first few replays, VAR is going to ruin the league again.

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Massive dive by Fornarolli

City lucky with the penalty decision and rebound. All square once again in the derby, 1-1