A-League Round 10 Discussion - the Summer of football

This is that weird time of the year where there’s only one game a day for about a fortnight.

Friday 28th - Pure Evil vs Wellington
Sunday 30th - Jets vs Adelaide
Monday 31st - CCM vs Perth
Tuesday 1st - Wests vs City

I’m looking forward to Wests’ fans nursing a hangover as they lose again.

Can we not call them the ‘Vuck’ ?

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Fucking this.


I’ve tried countless times to find out where ‘Vuck’ came from on my own but it’s time to swallow my pride and ask on here.

What the fuck is Vuck? I know it’s Victory but that’s it

Victorians all have horrible speech impediments, or too many Kiwi’s there or something. Who knows.

I always thought it was a take on how the Sky NZ commentators pronounce Victory as Vucktree.

Yeah that’s what I thought too.

Atom bomb!

Honda out again :thinking:

This is actually an entertaining game

Speed is so often amazed at the most mundane things

I am amazed Speed still has a job.

Speed is slow and thinks that way.

What has happened to the seagulls? It’s 9:15 and there isn’t one seagull on the pitch!


He had a similar goal last week

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Spent all day at the G mate. They’re done.

well they heard you

Equaliser was coming.