A-League Round 11 (and one extra game) Discussion

Okay so weirdly one game from round 12 is played tonight before all the round 11 fixtures so I’m just going to add it here as well.

Wednesday 2nd - Jets vs Roar
Saturday 5th - Adelaide vs Nix
Saturday 5th - Dickhead Derby - Wests vs Melbourne
Sunday 6th - City vs Jets
Sunday 6th - Roar vs Glory

Jets already leading

It’s crazy to think Roar would be even worse without Young.

How is this game still only 1-0?

Fair play Brisbane, they’re not just going to lie down and let CCM claim the spoon.


You know you’re shit when Georgievski is taking the piss.

Nick Meredith is the worst “commentator” I’ve ever heard

Yeah, they had their first game thing with their new coach against us. Its all downhill from here.

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What the fuck is Lewis Italiano doing in goal? No wonder Jets didn’t win.

Moss was injured.

Lively opening in front of what looks like a reasonable crowd in the Pissants v Nux

Ilso’s haircut deserves a yellow card

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He’s never had a proper 9 inside him, but is it fair to say Halloran has been disappointing?

Has Ilso been injured? He has made no impression on me this season.


Silly boy, might be harsh but only himself to blame.
Red for Mandi Sosa.

Mandi is a whiney thug and has been asking for a red for a long time.

LOL at the Western Suburbs fanboy Bozza trying to argue they are a big club.

Meanwhile, there are about 50 fans in the sidelines at 7.50pm, which is the official kick-off time.

That is one empty fucking stadium, lol.

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