A-League Round 15 Discussion

MV and Brisbane have already played so this thread is for the other mid-week games.

Tuesday 22nd - City vs Wests
Wednesday 23rd 7:50pm - Jets vs CCM
Wednesday 23rd 10:00pm - Perth vs Adelaide

That’s Wanderers lineup is bonkers.

They’re already planning for next year, giving the kids loads of minutes.

this will be a horrible game

I like football.


Western Suburbs: the gift that keeps on giving.


Jesus Christ. Can they stop with this obsession with giving us LOLs and turn over a team near us for a change?

You know you’re struggling to pull a crowd when the person who is supposed to toss the coin doesn’t turn up.

Is black really that slimming or has O’Doherty shrunk since he was at Adelaide? He looks like a midget next to Rostyn.

Men vs Boys? What has happened to Baumjohan? And why Ehlrich always as a CB when all his strengths are playing wide and higher?

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Babel has embraced the whole concept of no relegation. Janjetovic has been pretty poor, but he’s better than the kid that they’ve played over the last few games. Dropping Oreo probably makes sense but Baumjohan?

baumjohan is injured, riera is coming back from injury

Generous decision.

What odds on Vedran already having something sorted out with Western Melbourne?

Stand corrected then.

Hang on I just saw this: did that seriously happen?

Could be the case. But you’d think that Western Melbourne would at least try.

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