A-League Round 16 Discussion

Friday 25th - Roar vs North West Sydney
Saturday 26th 5:35 - Nux vs City
Sunday 27th 6:00 - Adelaide vs CCM
Sunday 27th 8:00 - Perth vs Jets

Roar and NorthWest consolidate 9th place!
Windy Wello
The wizard is back and due for a hat trick!
Perrrffff but hope it goes the other way.

Snek starts.

The SNAKE is back,Taggart hat trick.

Punch one into your own net you cunt.


A Brisbane win tonight would be pretty much the final insult, seeing Western Suburb have a tremendous speed and fitness advantage.

To me, that goal was fair. Brisbane fans showing their best Queensland qualities and that is failing to use any sort of logic.

I reckon he was offside.

But that is an issue with the VAR. The linesmen are told, don’t flag for close decisions, leave that to the VAR. And then the VAR are told, only overturn if it is obviously wrong. That is a contradictory stance.

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I don’t know who was on Yeboah for that goal but that was absolutely pathetic defending. Absolutely no need to over-commit and basically leave Yeboah half the net to aim at.

I guess the thing for me is that its such a tight call that I don’t really call it a howler. The calls in the Welly game in midweek were howlers. If a player is five metres offside in that instance and it gets called play on, that’s a howler. But I feel Fox are really overdoing it in this case.

Besides, Brisbane have been special shades of absolute garbage so far. At this rate, Wanderers could easily have 4 or 5 by full-time.

Agree with this. But Stephen Mauk (where’s he these days? Injured?) going off about it in Twitter.

Stefan Mauk would go off at a wall in an empty room, so nothing surprises me there.

This is always the issue with VAR. I can forgive human error in a situation like that as it was a close call. To me on replay it was offside - was it clear? “yes” was it obvious? “Yes” Admittedly with the benefit of slow mo and the yellow line.

If the ball croses the line by the same amount and the ref and linesman don’t call it, should VAR? Surely a ball crossing the line by that same amount as that offside isn’t a clear and obvious error

I’ve never laughed that hard in my life. Genuinely.


Vedran …:the gift that keeps on giving

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Lol classic

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Jesus fucking christ Vedran, you’ve outdone yourself.

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Absolutely hilarious! I cried!

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I can’t believe how the deal has gone with us getting Redders and them getting Vedran. While Redders is generally not outstanding, the deal is a gift that keeps on giving.

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