A-League Round 18 Discussion

Thursday 7:50 - Jets vs Nux
Saturday 5:35 - WSW vs CCM
Saturday 7:50 - City vs Adelaide
Sunday - 5:00 - MV vs Perth

Newcastle playing on the Thursday because they have their ACL qualifier mid next week.

Wests mariners game surely has to be a draw. As if either team has the resolve to hold a lead and win a game.

Draw is paying $4 for WSW v CCM.

Incidentally Mariners paying $4 for a win.

Nix paying $3.75?!?!

The universe will implode because they both are destined to lose.





I’m playing tennis at 5pm on Saturday.

With three WSW members.

At Olympic Park tennis centre. :rofl:

Can’t lose. Either their tears will be saltier than ever, or they’ll finally get a win and I can point out they chose to be on a tennis court instead of actually watching their team who are 5 mins away.


This round, we are the only team in the top five not playing another top five team.

Best fans in the multiverse. We don’t deserve them.

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I hope Newys numbers stay stuck to their shirts

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All 5 away teams to win this round.

So do I. With the number of injuries they’ve had this season they may not have enough strapping tape left to fix the problem.

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Out to $4.20. Am I missing something here? Do they have injuries/suspensions?

I’m guessing it’s because they are only 6th on the table and Jets are off the back of a 4 goal win against a team people perpetually overrate.


The odds offered on betting apps have nothing to do with team performance and everything to do with a risk management algorithm that the Betting Company has written into their software. As most people who would bet on Wellington live in New Zealand, they probably don’t have an Australian betting company’s app and therefore the algorithm is offering higher odds to attract Australian betters to bet on Wellington to cover the risk if Newcastle wins.

I have only ever bet three times in my life (and won on two occasions) but when I do bet this is the sort of situation I look for. An underestimated team playing an overrated team in a different country. The last bet I had was when I was living in London in 2003 and Ladbrokes was offering 7 to 1 for Australia to beat England in football. I won £140 when Australia won 1-3 and spent it all in Italy.


Sail in for Kurto as a late change could make a massive difference here.

Hoffman is unlucky to get the foul against him there.

I have no idea what Slater is talking about, Georgievski is lucky to not get a red for retaliation.

Agreed. Looked like red to me.

Could have gone either way for mine but leaning towards red.