A-League Round 20 Discussion


This could end up 8 all


you get a goal, you get a goal, everyone gets a goal!


I bet Nick Meredeth had some mahogany watching those goals


Thought it was a penalty in real time and the replay confirms it was a penalty so why has VAR not ruled a penalty?


Because the VAR sucks.


This game has exceeded all expectations. I bloody love this league.


Nick Meredith is a C U Next Tuesday


Completely forgot this one was on.


Matt Simon bullied into losing his mind. Crazy end to a ridiculous game.


Closer than you knew.


Yeah, crazy. Scoreline not accurate, but the 2 red cards and a high scoring game was bang on :yum:


What a mistake I made. Saw the fixture of Mariners v Roar, and thought ‘can’t be bothered to watch that match’.


Bozza with a heavy “what the fuck!” broadcast loud and clear when he thought he was off air when cutting to Zappone.


heard that too. hilarious.



LOL Bozza


What a wonderful game


Penalty and red


Did Bozza repeat his WTF when he saw that


:smiley: It’s all turning out well