A-League Round 20 Discussion


Id be optimistic if City weren’t so shit. They’ll cock this up. Guaranteed.


100% and if that happens Joyce should get the sack tomorrow.




Peter Green is having a blinder. FTT.


Bozza just apologised for his potty mouth.


Fuck i love the A League.


1-1. Was wondering if that var review gave a pen. But knew that’s goal was coming


Fucking called it.


shitty city keeping


City are a fucking disgrace.


Decent shout for that to be an OG


1 shot on target against a ten man team. That is woeful


Yep against 10 men since the 15th minute playing your rivals ffs :unamused: genuinely poor


City are also playing like a team that knows their coach is on very shaky ground.


They are just not playing like a team that wants a goal with one minute to go


I’m going to guess that 1 shot on target was the penalty.


Surely Joyce goes. That was horrid.


All that money and they’re still melbourne heart


Joyce totally has something against playing with actual wide players its hilarious. Everyone is on each others toes just waiting for something to happen. On top of that, Griffiths has been awful this season. Good is barely up to this standard now plus much more. Fold the club.


Is the top bar on target?