A-League Round 20 Discussion


No it isn’t. Shots that hit the woodwork count as off target, yeah?


Some weird stuff there. Playing against 10 for almost whole game and playing at a speed where 0/45’s could safely pack all remaining players behind ball. Maybe Muscat had his staff lay some mines during 1/2 time break in Thomas’s Pen area? City looked petrified to run in there. Maybe it explains keepers lurid kit- flouro bomb disposal unit outfit.


Lol, came here to post I’ve seen park 45’s move the ball a shitload quicker and with more purpose than City. They are proper gash.


Well, City were abysmal, but fact of the matter is that they got Vuck to drop points and we’re now second… and second’s right after first.


Perth have first wrapped up tbh. Even if they somehow lose to Wanderers they’re 7 points ahead with seven to play.


We have to play them and so do Melbourne. That is another potential 6 point turn around.

I am not saying Sydney will do it but it is still possible. It would mean Sydney would need to win every game though.


If we didn’t have ACL… but because we do and we will also drop more points I reckon the 5 we just threw away to Brisbane & CCM will cost us the plate. Never mind, Poppa doesn’t win grand finals anyways, that one’s ours. :wink:


We don’t deserve to win it this year. The BR and CCM games were the one’s that show that. If Reza gets to his level and Siem is fit off the bench we could win a GF though but would need luck.

The fun will start when we lose Wilko, Ninko and Brosquey and are relying on a 35 yr old Alfie. Season after next I dont see us making the finals.


We’re allowed to bring new players in as others leave. I’ll grant that finding Brosque’s quality on his coin is no chance though.


Brosque has been great value for the last few years and Wilko is criminally underrated. Wilko is our best central defender ever by a significant margin IMO (I always loved Colosimo but Wilko is Timpano good). Replacing them for similiar coin and with locals isnt happening.

Basically I miss the Butcher-Crook-Farina years.


Don’t really want the Wanderers to win but I could live with a draw


No Fiddy love?


Remember that ACL game where he looked like Pep? #fiddyIn


is this Newcastles 100th home game in a row?


I can’t believe Goodwin didn’t sign with Sydney instead. He is wasting his career at Adelaide and under Kurz. Kurz is only concerned about defensive structure and will always be happy with a nil all draw. Whereas Goodwin at Sydney - he would probably be having the season of his life.

This game is a bit dull - similar to a city game.


If Zdrilic put that one away from about 6 yards out (there’s a song in that somewhere) Fiddy would have topped an ACL group that contained Urawa & Shanghai Shenhua and have us continue on our journey to becoming the Manchester United of Asia!
If that happened I wonder if we would have been witness to such managerial wizardry as playing the last 20 minutes of pre-season games with 10 men and playing David Zdrilic at RB?
What an 8 months!


Except it is at Adelaide, under Kurz, where he is having the best season of his career and is back in National Team contention.
Given we don’t play with wide attackers he’d be competing with Zullo for a place in our starting line up if he came here and probably would have taken Carney’s bench slot.


Looks like babbel intends to play majok at left back?


Yes he is having a good season but I think it could be a lot better in a side that wants to attack.

I doubt Corica wanted him at the start of the season to be a bench player. He would probably have been one of the three main front men.


That was inexplicably bad from O’Donovan a minute ago. Jackson put a ball right onto his head and he somehow managed to miss it completely.