A-League Round 20 Discussion


That was neither a good nor entertaining game of football


In place of whom?


Amazing that it happened within minutes of a post about the Zdonk’s effort in Saitama.


What happened to the rbb?


They’re sitting at home, like all the best ultras.


**BOYCOTT!!! **


What a spectacle of football we’ve had so far this evening


If you want to cure insomnia, you’d put this 4 hours of football on repeat.


Parts of that statement is reminiscent of the Brexit nonsense.


If Perth close this out give them a title now.

And RBB are such poor pathetic fans. All of us who supported just as much or more during the Butcher Farina etc years enjoy the success of the last few years that much more because support a club means supporting them when they’re 10th


And they’ll be more than happy to bask in the excitement of a brand spanking new stadium.

They don’t support WSW till they die. They support WSW when its convenient.


Imagine supporting a team that was so bad it had Mark Bridge in it.


Actually, they remind me more of hicks living in the southern states of the USA, flying confederate flags, talking about their rights to bear arms and perpetually complaining about the government knowing that no matter what happens they’ll never be content anyway. Of course, in this case, the government is the FFA, security, police, whatever.


During half time it was mentioned (ABC) that Perth are on track to break our season points record of 66.
If they win all of their remaining fixtures they will record 70 points so we need them to drop at least 4 points.
They have dropped 11 points so far this season. At the same point (rd 19) in 2016/17 we had dropped 10.
We dropped another 3 in round 20, something Perth don’t look like doing. Coincidentally (or Lizard Man conspiratorially) WSW were the opposition on both occasions.


Come on Wanderers jag a goal you useless twats. Yes I feel dirty




Haha, classic Reddy.


Thank you wanderers


Hate Goodwin. Massive tool. If Santa is real he will do an ACL.