A-league Round 21 Discussion


Remember when people voted Jamie Young the best keeper in the league?


1-3 at half time, still plenty of goals to come in this one


How did we conspire to lose to this Roar side?


I said it at the time it was one of the worst nights in our club’s history, and nothing has convinced me since that was an overstatement.


Henrique has to bury that.


Charles still not able to head a ball over someone half his size, and still ball watching…


4-3 still incoming


Lokolingoy should’ve laid off whoever was coming down his right (couldn’t see/didn’t look who it was)


That Brisbane side are a weeping sack of thrush.


How many players have played for the westies now ? I get the feeling its absurb compared to clubs that have been around for much longer


It is absurd. Popa had so many clean outs, and then each manager since has tried to create their own squad within a single season. Hamil is the only foundation player left I believe.


He wasn’t foundation. Only Bridge & Elrich were, both have had time away. Shannon Cole was the longest continuous servant from their first season.


Cool, there you go. I would have fact checked but I’ve had a few beers.


At least you have your priorities straight. :wink:


When some of their players had been longer serving than the majority of their fans who gives a fuck.

Pack of fucking jokers.


Mariners make me believe the league needs relegation


After 22 minutes the mariners are 0-3 down and the 12 people who turned up to watch are chanting “Mulvey out”. This could get ugly.

EDIT; Forgot to mention that their two best players are in the stands for disciplinary reasons.


This is hard to watch. Especially because these fucks took two points off us.


This Mariners 2018/19 team is hands down the worst-coached in A-League history. The squad itself isn’t terrible but the players clearly don’t believe in the manager or don’t understand his instructions, and the fact the chairman is so absent in his duties has to be rubbing off on the majority of the organisation. The fans who still care about the Mariners truly deserve better than this.

And why the fuck are the club bringing in those two Sheff Utd players on loan? What a waste of foreign spots. They don’t add anything at all except two wastes of space.


Max Burgess was just made to look like Aaron Mooy. Defence-splitting pass for Krishna. Kennedy saved, but Krishna skipped around the reinforcements and buried it for good. 4-0, and probably should be more than that.