A-League Round 22 Discussion


Hahaha, nice. Good to see Mariners with something to celebrate from an otherwise shithouse season.


A rainbow appears as they go three goals up. Someone keep a lookout for unicorns.


They’re still doomed to blow it. I’ve got $10 on them at $9 odds.


Time for the anonymous surveys to be distributed…


They had better make the most of it before the club owners spend the season break trying to sign Mo Farah, Anna Mears, Tiger Woods and Venus Williams.


Please fill in…





3-1. Great finish and I have no faith in mariners holding out


Mariners have looked so sharp since the break. Staj has obviously given them the right words. Newcastle reverting to their usual selves this season. Shit in front of the goal, sloppy at the back. As good as the run was for that second goal, Millar was made to look like Messi by some truly awful defending.

And of course, they just scored.


UHHH… this looks and feels oddly familiar…




4-3 incoming.


Aww shit.


For crying out loud, hold out for Ancient Mariner at the very least


Ben Kennedy should be binned by the entire HAL after that 2nd goal. Absolute garbage.


That’s your line? Not the rest of this season?


Mariners gonna lose again.


Shit I thought that was going on.


The jokes is on the Mariners as everyone knows Kennedy’s skill level and he still somehow gets a contract to start anyway. If they want to cost cut, they might as well get a quality keeper from the NPL1 who would surely be better.


Hang on… What’s going on here? Has there been a problem with him or is he target for an OS move?


Of course