A-league Round 26 Discussion


Fark yeah!!


Onya Georgie.

Great assist from Muscat there, I dare say Deng would’ve done a fair bit better than Roux in the air.


Yes Blackwooood


O’Halloran needs a new barber


Fuck yeah George. Never lost faith.

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I’m sure Bosnic will be dignified in his response.


I like the bit where Melbourne lost.


Always liked Adelaide.

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And Muscat will be livid blaming everything except his shit football team.

Also I like to imagine George screamed FTT when he scored.

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Oh yes! This is so important. Not just the week off at finals time, but can take it easy vs Newy.


Solid weekend of football so far.


Yep, can give ACL away a red hot go, then rest everyone against newy.


Problem will be the week after when we have Ulsan away a few days before the home semi.


Yeah but we can have a better idea by then whether it’s worth bothering for that. Get a result in China, even a draw and it is worthwhile. Lose again, and we should prioritise the HAL.


Not surprised there are no posts about Brisbane v Newcastle yet. Hilariously uninspiring Brisbane line-up with Matt McKay at CB and Nick D’Agostino up top. Jets close enough to full ‘strength’, i.e. Dimi, Roy and Hyphen are starting.


Nick Meredith still not been axed yet.


After watching the second replay I think it is Nick Meredith 0 - Referee 1


I assume he works for food.




Shut up Nick!