A-league Round 26 Discussion




Lol, just came here to post about him. Fuck all professionalism, he’s a goo feasting fanboy in the commentary box.


I know Brisbane are trash but where has this Newcastle team been all season?


Nick Meredith is to commentary what the Central Coast Mariners are to the A-League


That’s not true. He’s never been good.


Wenzel-Halls is a real talent, he’s just slotted in at this level so well. He had the courage to take that shot on and that is something so many younger players are missing.


To emphasise the importance of this game, Nick Meredith has been allowed back in the commentary box.

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It’s also clear as anything that Darren Davies is an absolutely terrible head coach. Such a short supply of pride, application and desperation from Brisbane. Wenzel-Halls and McKay are pretty much the only ones left giving a sniff of all three at this point, and that’s sad from Brisbane.

Its already 4-1 to Newy and feels like the scoring is far from over.

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How did we lose to this Roar team again? My lord they suck.


And right on cue, another one goes in.


From memory, by showing about as much interest in the game as Brizzy are now.


I think I said at the time it was one of the worst nights in the history of our club, and nothing since has proven to me that I was wrong.


Even Appiah scored.


& if they appoint fowler it will be more of the same next year

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So Babbel appoints some kid I’ve never even heard of in goals. No Vedran, no Nizic, no Suman, and Zeljko’s son is on the bench. Has any A-League club ever used so many keepers in one season? Even the Nux last season would’ve struggled to play four keepers.


Speaking of keepers, how have we not seen more Pearce this season? What has CCM got to lose by bringing him in?


Adam Pearce is even worse than Kennedy. That’s why.

I suppose we also said that about Izzo at a similar age, though, and he’s perfectly serviceable at A-League level now.


Jem of defence from Karacan.

I think we all know what we want from this game.


I thought they were only boycotting home games at Olympic Park? Embarrassing away contingent.


But that stadium once hosted the Australian Olympic football team so it still counts!!!111