A-League Round 8

Friday - Roar vs Victory
Saturday 5:35pm - Nix vs CCM
Sunday 5pm - Jets vs Glory
Sunday 7pm - Adelaide vs City

Some pretty rubbish fixtures this week to be honest. Should be something like:


Let’s hope we are not rubbish like last week. Bimbi and the Boys need to make a big statement tomorrow night. Positive selections, attacking tactics and feed ground balls to ALF. For me winning begins at the back! Go you Blue Things!


Roar 2-3 Victory
Victory looking good in attack but losing Neidermeier is going to hurt them at the back. Given Taggart is a good shout to score, I’d expect Victory to be put under serious pressure tonight. It won’t be a cakewalk for them.

Nux 3-1 Mariners
Nux have played well the last few weeks and I don’t see why that can’t be replicated tomorrow. Mariners also pretty much have nobodies in goal, which is probably about the same as usual but Kennedy is out for them.

Jets 2-1 Glory
Jets played well last week and probably should’ve won by more. Glory haven’t been that great the last few weeks and while they’ve improved a lot this season, Ikonimidis has bailed them out a few times and they can’t rely on that. I’m sniffing a bit of an upset.

Adelaide 1-1 City
Both teams are short, or pretty much absent, on true goalscorers. It could be a frustrating game for the neutral. I don’t see either team having the killer instinct to win the game.

Agree on Jets getting up.

How did they not score that?

Leaving Barbarouses unmarked is such a stupid mistake.

That was red.

Yeah straight red. I want to see what Ross Aloisi thinks though.

Disgraceful miss from taggart. Disgraceful behaviour from bauthec. Very cynical stuff from the tards to wind him up.

Not a great tackle, but he’s clipped the foot and not the leg. Yellow for me.

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Fuck this game has some bite to it. Kick the fuck out of them Brisbane.

This is shaping up as one of “those” aleague games :popcorn:

So fucking stupid from Bautheac. I don’t know how you lose your cool after 15 minutes like he did. You can’t blame the Victory players for winding him up, either. They knew he was being a dickhead.

LOL wow. I just turned it back live to see Taggart’s penalty. LOL @ all the sloppy fouls in the box.

Honda handballed in the box during that mad scramble but would have been harsh to say it was intentional. Now he gives away a penalty which makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I was over the circle jerk over Honda about 4 weeks before Round 1.

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At long last the Fox commentators admitted that Bautheac’s foul was a bad one. Usually they pretend that the player flying in like that was going for the ball.

Fair cop, that’s a great finish from Toivonen.


That’s a nice goal tbh

Brisbane are getting absolutely smashed in the space between defence and midfield. Really they should be further behind. They were lucky it was Storm Roux on the end of that move and not Honda or Toivonen.