A-League Round ? - Snack sized edition

Some sort of split round wizardry this mid-week with only two games.

Tuesday 15th 7:50pm - Roar vs Melbourne
Wednesday 16th 7:50pm - CCM vs City

It’s so fucked that MV play their midweek game this week but we have to play ours on the 23rd before the game on the long weekend.

Roar vs Melbourne = Round 15
CCM vs City = rOuNd 12

I am totally confused by the scheduling now.

Decent buildup, but how many times do teams have to leave Toivonen free at the back stick before they learn?

Taggart has a bit of the Andy/Andrew Cole’s about him this season.

I didn’t even realise there was a game on tonight until yesterday. I’d consider myself highly engaged with the league as a whole. How are casual fans supposed to know to tune in?

What a stupid penalty to give away.

Especially when there’s cricket and tennis on.

News just in: Brisbane are still shit.

Yeah they are not even trying.

They did try and get VicTards goal difference up!

Yeah, the time to focus on damage limitation was about half an hour ago, yet they’re still pouring forward and predictably getting sliced on the counter.

Kosta’s 3rd says it all when you look at the recovery run of Ingham. No urgency at all, he could’ve gotten there with any semblance of effort. Calleti has been guilty of the same in recent weeks, they are absolutely ripe for simple cutbacks as their mids don’t track back and pick up runners.

They seem to start these midweek rounds two weeks late every year.

I’ve only just tuned in. Can someone tell me why De Laet is playing at #9?

Warren Joyce

god damn it mariners

Hooo boy this will be interesting.

C’mon Central Coast


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Two minutes to go plus extra-time. The Mariners possess the necessary skill set to still stuff this up.