ACL MD1 - Sydney FC vs Ulsan - 6/03/19




I saw nothing in their team, which didn’t really seem particularly under-strength or anything based on transfermarkt values, that would make me think that.

Teams open up against us when away, and I think we could take these guys. Remember, in 2018 we picked up 5 points away from home and in 2016 we picked up 6.


Played well for the most part apart from actually scoring, Zullo & O’Neill had some shocking crosses which is fair enough with the wind but you’d think after awhile they might try keeping it a bit lower or aim out a bit at least but it’s easy to say from the sideline.


Fantastic work by the Cove, singing and chanting into a gale-force win and without acoustic support of a roof. Brought a Latin American friend along to his first Australian game and he was impressed at how much energy the Cove generated.

Ulsan looked rubbish (or very rusty/unfit) and we mostly looked very good - apart from this problem that we seem to have a rule that bans shooting from inside the box (Alf the exception). On any other day, we could have had 7 or 8. Caceres at RM continues as our weakest point. Corica sticking with him is the typical response of a manager, who in signing a new player, feels he needs to keep playing him. Would rather have any of the alternatives, including Devlin and Ivanevic. Normally you would be cautious about one of the kids not doing their defensive work in big games. However, apart from fouling, Cacerese brings nothing to the defence.


Agree that Caceres was not adding a lot. Still don’t know why Corica didn’t replace him 10 or 15 minutes earlier when it was obvious that we weren’t breaking them down and our crossing game was off. Ivanovic injected himself into the game and ran at players, which immediately added another dimension - same as Brosque when he came on.


After watching Caceres play in the league for a number of years, I’m still not really sure what his style of play is or for the most part what he even brings to the team other than fairly solid tekkers. He doesn’t score much, doesn’t make many assists, doesn’t seem to make many tackles, and doesn’t seem to be a massive workhorse either. He seems like a decent guy and solid professional, so obviously have nothing against him. I just don’t think he’s really got the ability to keep up with some of the good players around him. I know we’re kind of stuck because we have a number of injuries in that area of the pitch but for me, he wouldn’t even make the bench if we had close to a full squad available.


Yeah I’ve been wondering what he is and I think the answer is a halfway decent utility player for most midfield roles. He’s probably good enough for that sort of 10ish appearances a season, filling in as needed role. The same thing I would have said about Retre before this season.




Yeah, it’s easy to be critical from the sidelines, but he just doesn’t seem to have the awareness of positioning that he should as a midfielder. He particularly couldn’t read Rhyan’s positioning and runs. More than a few times he got in his channel and they ended up creating a dead end. Same thing when Reza drifted right (which I still couldn’t work out why he did it)… it took Caceres ages to work out that he should be switching inside.


Looking through Ulsan’s squad before the match, I thought it a relatively low-rent one lacking any standout internationals. Nothing like a Ninko, an ALF or even a Reza. So, I was quietly confident. Their unfit and lazy Brazilian no. 9-Junior Negrao, Júnior Negrão - Wikipedia)
has a career trajectory that looks more modest than our great and still-missed Bruno Cazarine (still only 35 yo!) and much worse than the less-missed Thiago Calvano Tiago Calvano - Wikipedia. That said, Junior Negrao has been banging them in in South Korea so maybe the K League is not what we think it is? Dave Bulthuis has had a good career in the Netherlands but one that would mark him as a typical A league CB non-marquee import. And Mix Diskerud has had a goodish career. Not sure how well-rated their Koreans are but we have a pretty good lot of of past and present Socceroos (Wilko, Zullo, Brosque, Grant etc). Really a lot of the time they had to foul us to get anywhere near the ball.


Compared to a certain striker who has recently left us, that is extremely harsh. I don’t think Caceres’ effort can be questioned.


Have you watched him after he loses possession? When the other team breaks up our attack and counter-attacks down our side? When the other team starts to load up midfielders to pass through us?

Comparing Caceres to Charles is not enough. Caceres is an established A League player and often a starting player. Charles is …


Yeah, harsh on Caceres, I actually thought Grant was ignoring him as a forward option far to regularly, only for the ball to go back and recycled around the CB’s.


Like ADP used to ignore Emmerton after a few weeks of playing with him. Same reason. The ball just goes there to die.


ADP ignored Emerton?

He ignored everyone. We became a team of 1.


He ignored Grant as well. The only player he worked with was Abbas.


… and Antonis, and Triantis, and Blake Powell and Culina and Griffiths during their shorter spells and, receiving from the Boss


With the passing of time I am annoyed ADP was allowed to get away with so much. It was fun but he had a terrible attitude.


Partly yes, but we also have him shit to work with.


Clearly I stuffed up in posting this (above). It was not that ADP ignored these guys, I meant that he worked with them really well and helped improve the younger ones and shone together with the older ones (sadly Culina and Griffiths got injured and had very limited time time). Who can forget the time he took to coach eg Grant, Antonis and Ryall on tactics etc (remember that photo at the whiteboard)? And his delight in supporting Triantis and Antonis when they scored? ADP did us more than proud when he had a mostly terrible squad around him and an even worse coach. What could have been if Farina had allowed Nicky Carle to play next to ADP? Instead we had Emo there and that was worse than wasted space.