ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


Apparently he just signed for pohang steelers. Could have waited until end of the season


Where did you hear that from?!?!


Stepping away from the Joshy drama, this could be crucial points that we must get if we are to go far into the champions league. I can’t see us turning it around if we lose


Good to see AFC logic continuing, us wearing our home kit and Kawasaki their away.


Is everyone’s colour really washed out?


Might need to go see a doctor, count


I assume everyone’s left arm is numb too?


How perfect is that pitch!!! Sheesh it looks good!!


Yeah, thought the same thing. Looks amazing.


The atmosphere is bizarre. The active support is super loud then when they stop you could hear a pin drop in the stadium.


My wife had some minor surgery.
Visiting her in hospital. Shes fast asleep on pain meds.
Hospital has fox sports.
Thanks private health insurance.


There’s a livestream on facebook for anyone interested. Just search Sydney FC then filter to videos then live and you should find it.


Their left winger is looking really good. Giving Rhyno some trouble.


Looking a little nervy at the back.


Anyone see the handball?


Yes. I did.


Yeah, surprised none of our guys even appealed for it.


Apart from beating him once, Grant has stood off him and let him fuck around with it well away from any danger.

Happy for him to do that.


Retre looks much better in the middle than when he plays out wide


Agreed. Has handled himself well so far.