ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


We are possibly the worst counter attacking team I have ever seen.

Hey look at that guy make a forward run, he looks open, I’ll ignore that easy pass, stand on the ball for a bit, ahhh there we go CB under pressure, give it to him, hoof, lose ball.


This is the worst we’ve looked defending set pieces this season.


We’re going to get arse blasted


Basically hope they be as wasteful as we have been st times this season and then have a Milos moment of magic


This is not good


I can only assume Kawasaki Frontale are simply shocked at the amount of space our 4-4-2 formation is giving them. They have looked somewhat threatening but really I fear its only a matter of time before they wake up and score a goal or two.


Maybe our passing is too use to taking into account a shit pitch…this one is just to perfect for us to play our regular game on.


Great spell there culminating in a nice ball into the 6 yard box from Zullo


So how is Corica’s counter attacking game? Just silly! They are there for the taking if we genuine attempted to counter instead we keep circulating and trying to play through packed defenses


Ninkovic looks up for it but they have very quickly realised that double marking him makes our attack way less threatening.


I wish Ninkovic was a bit more selfish sometimes. He made a great run to the top of the 18yrd and had enough space to pull the trigger.


Corica during the week “Okay guys, the rules of football are if we pass it ahead and their defensive structure isn’t setup, you need to wait for them to get back and organised then you can have a go at attacking”

Perfect execution of plan currently.


Caceres … is actually getting in the WAY of our own attacks …and he almost deliberately goes towards danger/marker so that he DOESN’T get passed the ball… He can’t or won’t chase back , is almost static when plays run at him…he offers almost zero.


A banner in the crowd said something about “god of wind - sweet sniper”
Love it.


Wilko should do another 40/20 to get play down the other end.


I fail to see what he offers over Ivanovic.


Ninko getting no joy from this ref.


We are so criminally wasteful in possession. No chance of us scoring tonight unless something big changes.


Tactical he’s a better fit for the position in the sense that corica has genuinely played more central players there’s to provide centrally if needed


We’re just lucky that so far, Kawasaki are playing like they will be fired if they attempt a shot on goal. I still get a feeling its a case of when, not if. As has been said previously, our use of possession has been pretty atrocious. Only Ninko has been quite good on the ball.