ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


He plays in Indonesia apparently. So yeah, pretty much.


There’s passes getting cut out from good defending then just flat out missing passes which is what we are doing tonight and what we have been doing all season.

We’ve been criminally slow moving the ball forward all season, pointing that out isn’t being glass completely empty it’s being honest in assessment of the team. I’m sure it is brought up in video sessions but someone needs an arse kicking or a dropping (eg Caceres)

Defensively we’ve been setup well but we’re not counter attacking, we are playing a version of Lavicka ball which is effective in these games.


Grant has been let off the leash much more this half.


Someone send some emergency jackets to the traveling Cove. They look freezing!


Kazu in the stands. Still playing at 52!! Get him on!!


Great save by Redmayne


Big save Redmayne


Nice save from Redmayne with the dipping shot.


Kawasaki is already slower when in possession. We need to move them around when we have the ball and general maintain a high pace to the game.


Brosque starting to look a bit cooked. Can’t imagine Retre will last too much longer either. And Caceres has been subbed around 60/65 mins the last few games.


Our pressing has already dropped off apart from Rhyan and Brosque.


Nice “trip”…


Fuck me we are constantly looking 10 seconds away from conceding.


He posted an academic award from a university on social media that i saw today so i think he might be doing other things.


We seem to be doing a lot of defending.


Fucking duh. We’re away to Kawasaki in the ACL.

What do you expect?


Ulsan up 1-0.






Wish we could score