ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


Redders is having a blinder. Ivanovic is on for Retre


Agree on Djite. But let’s not forget the debacle that was Channel 7. Bozza may have controversial opinions, but he is one of the best when it comes to analysis of a match.


3 points for Redders in MOTM vote


Snatch and grab incoming?


Ah fuck me


Ah well. It was a nice dream.


Fucking sucker punch that


Maybe not then


It’s gutting that we’ve kept out half a dozen better chances than that.


I blame @Ruprecht


Sat too deep. Our defence has been great but you can’t sit that deep for that long agains this type of team. Shame.


Yep. We sat WAY too deep in the 5-10 minutes leading up to the goal. We practically had our entire defence and midfield camped in or on the edge of our own area for nearly that entire time.


We conceded to a cunt with a bowl cut.


You’d think with three minutes of stoppage time left we’d actually be throwing everyone forward to score, and we let them fucking chest the ball down before clearing. Fucking hell.


Not a dreadful performance against the champions of Japan but we so easily could’ve done better if we’d made the simple passes stick.

Difficult to see how we get out of the group from here.


Why do we even bother getting our hopes up for this competition every year?


And I know they’ve had good players on their left side but Grant has had an absolute fucking shocker tonight. I hope he’s not seriously expecting a transfer to Europe this year because this is what he will have to deal with every week and he’s not handling it.


Because it’s nice to not have to play Perth Glory six times in eight days…


Oh well. This year’s ACL was fun while it lasted.

On to next time.


As always, I deeply regret my premature ejaculation. Redders still best for us buh.