ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


Not surprised but disappointed. We really never look like scoring anyway and that front third looks very imbalanced. And that is the central problem we may nick a draw here and there but are not good enough for this comp.


Having Siem back by next ACL game should make a difference going forward (in the short time window before his next injury).


Redmayne and Retre both excellent, stock standard solid AF from Branners. Every one else below par by normal standards. Meh.


Also weird call to only use the two subs. The lads were clearly dead on their feet by the time the goal went in and we could have done with more fresh legs. Devlin on for Caceres or something.


Our team isn’t built for counter attack. Parking the bus should never been the tactic, we play our best football attacking and pressing.

Corica should take the blame on this in his post match interview.


Redders, Wilko and Warland were very good, as was Retre before he was hooked. No point mentioning any of the front four as they had almost no ball whatsoever, except that it was absolutely ridiculous how many times Ninkovic was fouled without the referee even talking to any of the foulers. I think he left his cards and maybe even his voice box at home.

It makes me almost sick to say it but that’s about the best we could’ve done playing 4-4-2. Our tactical shape was very tight and limited their clear opportunities. We just had pretty much zero going forward as a result. The application cannot be questioned.


Yep, never looked like scoring. Our negative attitude typified by the way we totally ignored a run from Warland in added time - he came up to make the extra man and we just turned it back to the centre backs again… so much for our counter-attacking game


LOL. If we attempted to press with 4-4-2 against this team who were capable of moving the ball quickly and clearly had the numbers on us in midfield, as well as doing their best to overload the flanks where Grant in particular was getting over-run badly with little assistance, it would’ve been a disaster. With your tactics, we would’ve conceded in double figures. Have a think about it.


They really did their homework on us. Basically double marked Ninkovic and attack heavily down Grants side to push him back.

I don’t see it as a horrific performance. Defensively it was very good and had we got the point I would have been content with holding the Jleague champions at home. We’ve never had to grind and grit in the A-League so there was good things got take. Attacking was just very disappointing and we obviously need more going forward in the future


Turgid. Awful stuff.


Man of the match voting:


If we wanted anything from the game we needed to take one of the chances on offer when they were turning over all kinds of ball in the first half. Their subs in the second half changed the game in their direction and we were well out of it after that. I also thought only using two subs for us was weird, and weird that one was Retre and not Caceres for Ivanovic. Retre was having a great game while Caceres was where all forward momentum was going to die.

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I’m guessing Retre couldn’t do 90 minutes just coming back from his absence.


And Corica’s tactics worked parking the bus? Losing 1-0 is still not a good result for us.


I thought Grant had a great match in very difficult conditions (no cover ahead of him). KF are a very good team and could bring a national team player off the bench. Our small squad is at a low capacity level when you think of all the injuries plus Brillante away. Sad to lose but can’t fault the team’s effort or organisation.


A loss and a draw doesn’t rule us out but we need to score goals. Not sure how 2 shots is simply not enough. Kawasaki demonstrated how to manufacture goals fast one-twos around the 18 yard box not our slow circulation that allow teams to readjust and for us to fizzle out. If we play deep then have something to counter that, it is too slow in transition.


Yeah absolutely. It’s very similar to how we played during Arnold’s second season in my eyes.


Also looking at positives, I don’t think Wilkinson is getting enough love in here. He made some absolutely crucial interventions and was a big reason things didn’t even have to get to Redmayne for pretty much the whole first half. He was also much more visibly organising the defence this game which is something he’s been pinged for not doing as well this season.


I thought we did very well, of course it would have been nice to score but otherwise a fantastic performance.


Every A-league team that has tasted some success in the ACL (wsw, Adelaide, us in '16) has relied on deep defense and counter attacking. That Kawasaki side, as with most Japanese teams far out ranked us in technical skill and speed, trying to play open attacking football would have been a disaster.