ACL MD3 - Sydney FC vs Yokohama - 22-23/04/22

Another midnight game for us, can’t wait to stay up until 2am to see us get beaten by Kevin fucking Muscat.

I’d feel more confident if this could go to penalties.


I don’t care about beating them.

I don’t care if we progress to the next round or even win the Champions League (well, yes it would be nice, but so would if the world was Cadbury).

I just wanna beat Kevin Fucking Musc*nt!!!


Saigon. Shit. I’m still only in Saigon. Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in Sydney.


Would you say that you have, perhaps, drifted north to check things out again?

I will forgive Bimbi this whole season, including a limp draw and a loss to the westies, if we manage to put the hurt on this clown.


Two wins against this fucking clown and Corica can get a 4 year contract.

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We do that and any future coach that dares deviate from the 4-2-2-2 is to be sacked on the spot.


Everytime I read “Kevin fckn Muscat” I think of this guy
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Tempting to just post the peach and baguette emojis and call it a day, but they haven’t been setting the world on fire this season. Could we do it?

It’s the hope that kills you, as a Sydney fan in the ACL.


You get used to it. Trying being a Polish fan watching the Euros or the World Cup…

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From the Keep Up match preview:
Socceroos defender Rhyan Grant remains touch-and-go after missing the HAGL game with a quadriceps issue while another ex-Victory star, Kosta Barbarouses, remains unavailable due to COVID-19 isolation protocols.

Possible bad news and really fuckin excellent news


Isn’t this like the third time KB has gotten COVID?

Jeonbuk nab a stupid 90+3’ winner to prevent us going top today. :frowning:

So every game without us continues to dish out 3 points. We’re nailed on to share 2 again.


If Grant is still out injured, that starting 11 is probably as good as it’s going to get. Ninko to come on for Caceres at 55 and Burgess switches to the right.

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And Bobo replaces Narsingh in the squad. Yes!

Ho Chi Ming City is not the sporting capital of the world.

Is anyone watching on Paramount+?

“In the absence of Scott Jamieson it’s Ben Wilkinson who takes the captains armband…”

Did I hear that right?

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“In the absence of Scott Jamieson, it’s Ben Wilkinson who takes the armband for Sydney tonight”

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Yes it was. And “Scott Jamieson missing, not even on the bench tonight for Sydney”.

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