ACL MD4 - Jeonbuk vs Sydney FC - 25/11/20

No chance so play the kids!

Pre-season’s not the same without being able to sample some effnik food.

Caceres back for this one. Hopefully Hof gets another start though.

1 point from 9, right where we wanna be.

We’re gonna win this thing.


“Cause I got knocked out 40 times in a row, plus politics, it’s all politics”

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Can we say that Fox abandoned us?

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Quick question: What are the team’s quarantine arrangements when they cone back? Can they still train?

Yes, Sydney FC and MV can train. Perth can’t though and have to hotel quarantine.

Pavlesic confirmed starting

Don’t really have any choice with THB suspended. Oh wait, I guess Grant could have started in goals.

Blessed suspension :upside_down_face:

Great that the Hoff starts again. And good luck to Pavlesic on his starting debut

My thoughts also. Can’t wait to see how Warland goes. Also, Bimbi using that formation, if it’s true, or changed throughout the match is interesting.

Playing with our squad to their strengths rather than plan 1. Options for the season ahead.

So how do we watch this ???


Chinese youtube 2moro

Thank you
I’m not a Kayo subscriber so i’ll just have to do without !!!

Nice stadium

A bit rich for the AFC to flash the “We support frontline workers during covid” message before the game, as the players walk out into a stadium built by literal slaves.

Yeah, you care guys!